“My expectation is my team member work, and I will enjoy the designation. I will make only boss around. I’m the Manager. I’ve worked enough to reach here. I no more intend to slog further.” 

The failure of a leader is because he fails to lead by illustration. You can’t be a leader only by giving advice. You should be able to stand up to demonstrate when required and handle the psychologies of the team member well.

Self-discipline is hard to sustain when people look at you as a leader. 

Punctuality, Body language, choice of words, Attitude, Integrity thoroughly, knowledge, interaction, motivation – a sustained approach in all these is a challenge for the leader unless it is his way of life or he is willing to adopt it without the downtime.

Further, leadership transition should possess the maturity to choose between speaking and silence at the right time—the topics for silence and the issues to speak about. The thought process should rise to talk about integrity and efforts essential in the job and company to peers and subordinates.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

It applies in all contexts.  Engaging an employee in productivity is very important. Else he will engage in office politics and life outside the office and prioritize them over time. The control is lost. The employee is reluctant to involve entirely in the job. But the root cause is not known by the Manager.

Again micromanagement is not the solution. But micro-level analysis and emotion management are. A manager’s role is more time-consuming than an individual contributor’s.

Sucheta Gour


Ready-to-eat, Ready data on a click, Ready information at a click on google, Ready answers on Chatgpt,  instant food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, instant results – all kill people’s inbuilt skill – PATIENCE. Impatience is at the highest level on literally anything and everything. But one strange thing is impatience is for expectations from others, where someone else owns the deliverables towards you, where you are at the receiving end. And not where you are at the giving end and are required to deliver to others’ expectations. The day we standardise the expectations for both sides, I think half of our complaints towards others will reduce, or our expectations from others will normalise. And hope that happens soon.

  • Sucheta Gour


When we describe a perfect family, does anyone have a perfect one with all ideal people? No. All the fingers of the hand aren’t equal. Its how we perceive and react to people, situations. We shouldn’t glorify people”s negative, carry on mind for long their shortfalls and judge them always. And for someone who is into deliberation of spoiling the environment and harmony of the ecosystem, it’s better to avoid their presence and interaction to keep the balance of mind—not trying to please everyone all the while but simultaneously not hurting anyone. Communicate without ego to avoid confusion and assumptions about each other. Keep the relationship simple.

  • Sucheta Gour

House wife & Working woman what will they prioritize first family or herself?

House wife
By default every house-wife is her last priority. Family comes above herself
the reason for she being a perfect mother and wife. And the family gives instances of a working woman despising her selflessness. She is different only in one way. She made her choices to prioritize others above herself.  She never lacked skill but the will to prioritize herself. She worked relentlessly for her family.
If she starts prioritizing only herself,0 the balance in the family is lost.So finally should she prioritize herself or should the family prioritize her?

Working woman
She has to balance either ways. Prioritize herself and take care of family too. But she can expect. She has her space.She is contented with the success, appreciation and money. She possess confidence and attitude too. But she has different set of challenges. She has too many fronts to manage. She is always guilty about falling short in one of her roles at any given point of time.
However both chase perfection in every role of theirs and mostly get disappointed by the reciprocation she gets in return.But never gives up on herself or people.
Hats off to the woman in your lives.

-Sucheta Gour