Attrition is a trend. Who are the trendsetters?

Senior Leaders, Managers, and HR teams who are supposed to carry the ownness of controlling attrition and motivating the teams and employees to stay in an organisation for a long and perform. The highest attritions today are in HR teams, or seniors in the company are changing their jobs at par with juniors. Gone are those days when leaders’ personalities and integrity impacted the team’s thought process and approach.

And why are Leaders unable to stick to the integrities and Company?

Because covid has shaken the trust between Employers and Senior Leaders, the unexpected layoff of seniors for cost-cutting, ill-treating them, considering them white elephants, shrugging them off and keeping them as a mouthpiece to convey only the hard decisions against the employee crowd has created bitterness, taking away the emotional binding with their employers. This has resulted in extreme practicality and ruthlessness. 

The industry has to either adapt to practicality or bring back the emotions in relations.

  • Sucheta Gour