Is being happy a sin? Who gives them the right to decide whether you have to be happy or sad?

Is being happy a sin?
People get judgmental about you.
They count your problems and dispose off your reasons to be happy. Who gives them the right to decide whether you have to be happy or sad?
We hear people saying ,
[  ] he has this problem,
[  ] his son or daughter isn’t successful,
[  ] he isn’t happy about his spouse,
[  ] he has financial problems,
[  ] he is struggling with his career,
[  ] he owes us money,
[  ] he isn’t happy at his job.
How can he be happy?
What should be your reaction?

You dont need a reason to be happy.
You dont owe your happiness to anyone but ‘YOU’.
Happiness is a state of mind.
There are many more genuine and strong reasons to be happy.
[  ] Problems can be overcome only with a happy mind.
[  ] You are happy because you are blessed with a family.
[  ] Your happiness brings smiles to all the people you care about.
[  ] You get distressed by keeping yourself happy and cheerful.
[  ] You dont know how long you are alive, so celebrate life.
[  ] All your organs are working and you aren’t dependent on anyone. Celebrate your fitness.
[  ] Your mind is peaceful.
[  ] You are a kind hearted good human being with lot of contentment.
  So on and so forth………………..

Stay happy, do not hesitate to show your strength by showing how you can keep yourself happy in the toughest situation. Your happiness might bring a smile on people’s face and give them courage to fight life with a smile. Others sympathies or judgement cannot be a fuel to your life.Your happiness alone is your strength.

-Sucheta Gour