Blessings don’t excite us. Gifts do.

Blessings – the most cheapest thing to be received by people to whom they don’t mean anything. And the most expensive, invaluable thing to be received from anyone for the people who value them.

Blessings don’t excite us. Gifts do.
But blessings are the one which stand by you, take you ahead, protect you and what not.

When you bow down and seek blessings from elders, you get words from them which really carry the meaning and feelings too. I have never come across a fake blessing till now and I don’t feel they exist. Because, atleast the moment blessings are given, they are sincerely given, the person is moved because you oblige him to bless.

Value blessings though they are only words , for they are your unseen protecting shield, immense and unimaginable strength, strongest wishes for success , fill courage, confidence and positivity

-Sucheta Gour