Do we fear efforts or success? Do we resist change or improvement?

Do we fear efforts or success? Efforts
Do we resist change or improvement? Change
But efforts lead to success and change brings in improvement.
Do we ever give a target of 35% to our child in their exam?
Then why do we expect a target of 35% from our Manager.
Or as a Manager why do we want to give a target of 35%

That’s because 90% of the crowd is happy only to do as much as required. They dont want to stretch their limits because they dont want to give in the efforts required for achieving more or gaining more. And the reason given is, if I do more, I’m expected to do much more.What is failed to be understood is, if I do more, I will be equipped with more knowledge. Stretching limits will make them explore their potentials

We arent responsible for others growth, why do we need to go that extra mile to improve our team member. Lot of efforts are required in training and sacrifices in setting examples.

Hesitation.Why will they listen to me? I’m not their parent. The age of being  parented has gone by for my team member. They arent children to be taught with a stick.They arent acers either to the trade they have got in.

Fourth, the management has to set guidelines for performance and measure them.The HR has to raise pip if no performance.Why should I be the bad cop?

Well, we never say why should i be the bad cop for my child.We are never happy when our child cuts corner to achieve something. But we are never bothered when the same things are happening by our team members. Eventually, results are compromised and Managers fill up more junk crowd with less potential, less skill, reluctance to hard work…..any day replaceable by a robot.

-Sucheta Gour

Change and Chance both are punishments

Change is a chance when there is enthusiasm, positivity, acceptance, undefined, and limitless hardwork. Else change and chance both are punishments.

-Sucheta Gour