We are so fussy about everything. We know only to complain. Election Chaos- Waiting time, crowd, heat of summer, confusions  in the poll booth,  we have a problem with all of it. 

Do we expect a red carpet welcome with escorts leading to air conditioning rooms, cold drinks, cookies when we go to vote? Those days can be the future if we cast our vote in the righteous way today. India being the largest democracy with 140 cr., we are able to manage to conduct elections now without threats, riots and clarity on information to reach the booths. I think this itself is a great achievement. We are fine to wait at restaurants for table for 30+ minutes and at temples for darshan for 2 to 5 hrs. When it comes to casting the vote, why are behaving like doing a favour on our country. We are Indians, we arent guests in our own home to be hosted like one.

  • Sucheta Gour

Reset and drive yourself towards right practices.

All predictions, strategies, execution plans, processes, policies are starting from 0 on the scale again. Seems like World is reset to a new calendar era from Apr 1st 2020.

Adaptability to change is faster in crisis. We can be brave, dare to take unconventional decisions, try the unpredictable, break traditional thought processes, Because situation is do or die.

You are prepared for the worst. And you are starting from nothing, like no standard expectations of results, nothing to loose. Such steps help in clearing out the chaos sooner.

Corporates have always played a pivotal role in structuring the lifestyle of the society. Once again the reigns are in the hands of Corporate to structure a new society with newer rules of employment, spending trends and communication trends. Priorities have changed. Definition of Career, Growth. Knowledge and wisdom have changed.
There might have been many policies, trends or culture wrongly adopted over decades. We have one opportunity now to set the right ways, approaches, trends, expectations by Corporates to the working people, Senior members of the family to youngsters, Managers to their team. Lost this opportunity, a bigger chaos would approach our further generations , probably after a century again from now and we wouldn’t have left them strong enough to face it either.

Let us not keep coming back to the basics again and again with every disaster. Let us keep our basics strong and stable to avoid any future chaos.
We started preaching yoga, organic products, good health, home remedies, cotton and wool. Now we have added few more on the list like home food, social distancing, hygiene, minimum expenditure, cooking, leading life with contentment even in the least of requirements, Handling house hold chores our-self sufficiency in the last few months.

Revisit the series of changes our life has gone through in the last century.Reset and drive yourself towards right practices.

-Sucheta Gour

Hope is the only possible thing we can think of.

Hope is the only possible thing we can think of.
And prayer is the only easiest thing to do.
We want everything to be done by others or God. But can we do something which will not pull us into this chaos again?
Can we follow the rules of nature? With a little discipline, sincerity, and sustainability not to show anyone, not to do a favor on other beings but by understanding their equal rights. And considering our duties towards other beings to coexist with us.
Here we were considering community, race, religion …and God clarified with a strong message that all creations of His are one community- all species, across the universe. Can there be a harder way of learning this lesson? Or should we be still stuck again in petty thoughts like who did it? Why they did? How they did it?

– Sucheta Gour