Are we accountable enough? What is the other option they have?

Are we accountable enough?

The birds fly quitting the tree and the nests once the tree is on fire.

Employees quit once the Company is running through crisis.

What is the other option they have?

Else they burn along with their families.

When the company starts getting into problems, the employees also look for other companies to survive. This example though very apt for the situation and sounds mean, but there can’t be an alternative most of the times.

The only possible thing is see to that there wont be a fire or it gets extinguished in the very initial stage before it causes ruins.

The tree is a mandatory requirement for people to nest in, whether you plant it or someone else does it for you.

All accountabilities, responsibilities needs to be delivered before there is a chaos and in the initial phase of the chaos. Not when we have only option left…. to flee away.

-Sucheta Gour