Do not fear to commit on deliverables with respect to timelines or performance metrics.

Your journey to success begins from there.

Safe play restricts your potential of exploring self and outgrowing your limitations.

  • Sucheta Gour


“My expectation is my team member work, and I will enjoy the designation. I will make only boss around. I’m the Manager. I’ve worked enough to reach here. I no more intend to slog further.” 

The failure of a leader is because he fails to lead by illustration. You can’t be a leader only by giving advice. You should be able to stand up to demonstrate when required and handle the psychologies of the team member well.

Self-discipline is hard to sustain when people look at you as a leader. 

Punctuality, Body language, choice of words, Attitude, Integrity thoroughly, knowledge, interaction, motivation – a sustained approach in all these is a challenge for the leader unless it is his way of life or he is willing to adopt it without the downtime.

Further, leadership transition should possess the maturity to choose between speaking and silence at the right time—the topics for silence and the issues to speak about. The thought process should rise to talk about integrity and efforts essential in the job and company to peers and subordinates.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

It applies in all contexts.  Engaging an employee in productivity is very important. Else he will engage in office politics and life outside the office and prioritize them over time. The control is lost. The employee is reluctant to involve entirely in the job. But the root cause is not known by the Manager.

Again micromanagement is not the solution. But micro-level analysis and emotion management are. A manager’s role is more time-consuming than an individual contributor’s.

Sucheta Gour

What is the cost of Compromise? Is it based on the person’s tolerance levels? Or the actual extreme levels?


What is the extent of applying this word?
It spans from the right end to the wrong end.
We see people compromising to the extent of making their lives miserable.On the other hand even the slightest discomfort is called the greatest compromise.
And this scenario is is in multiple stages or areas with different people in life.
It can be in relations like a Boss – Team member, Company – Employee, Husband – Wife, Parent – Child, Between Siblings, Peers or Neighbors too. Who will define the minimum,  extreme or intolerable threshold?
In what scenarios, the definition will hold good? At times it gets limited to what someone can tolerate. In that case, is it based on the person’s tolerance levels? Or the actual extreme levels?

Every relation demands compromise.There are multiple aspects to carry on mind when the tolerance limit needs to be set.
Compromise for the good of the relation, family, Organization, and an amicable living but within the limits of standard levels of compromise and not beyond the level of tolerance.

-Sucheta Gour

You are a Leader. You are born to lead.Challenges are the fuel and Solutions build your confidence.

You are a Leader. You are born to lead.
Challenges are the fuel and Solutions build your confidence.

Leaders carry a basic instinct of being farsighted.
Risks make your role necessary and significant in any organization.
Most of the decisions are to be made with conviction without having any visibility.
The number of intuitions you get right and the accuracy of the solution towards the problems make you an excellent Leader.

The journey to being a Leader is very intimidating. You walk alone. Your focus is unquestionable. Your visibility cannot be reached by most of them. What you see is not even thought of by others. So the acceptance levels are poor. But you not only carry a vision but also compliment it with your efforts and pave a way through the mist.

You carry the crowd along to reach the destination. You build the direction for many who would be lost otherwise. Your mere presence motivates people.

You can never give relaxation to yourself because everyone around you is observing you. You do not have a choice than to lead by example or to be looked down upon by others.

Your journey is unique. You have the courage to be positive throughout the journey. Your journey doesn’t have a final destination. The destination keeps altering every time you reach a milestone.

A problem needs a solution; a solution doesn’t need a solution. You see solutions to every problem even before it arises. You aren’t a victim of any situation. You are a warrior in any situation.
Hats off – to every leader of any department, Company, State, and the Country. You make the world worth living twice.

-Sucheta Gour

Save the tree to save your nests. Work towards the health of the branches to hold you strong.

Save the tree to save your nests. Work towards the health of the branches to hold you strong.

People whose jobs are safe to say “If the company survives we survive, the boat will sink if overcrowded, offloading few people is fine to save the rest, Retrenchment of people is not an option, but a necessity to survive “, people who have lost jobs say,” We could have adjusted to pay cuts and more efforts. Plz, allow us to stay.”

Else the trend has been “Oh, it’s difficult to work in this Company. I have a tough time here. I get exhausted working here. The more we work, the more is the expectation. Ignorance is bliss. Carry ignorance and get away with doing more assignments. Everything in the world is more important than taking up more responsibilities at work.”

Very few have had consistency and commitment in what they did pre COVID or post COVID. But even these might have suffered the wrath of the pandemic since the natural disasters don’t differentiate between good or bad, the less committed and more, because the sinners are sinners and the silent audience also are a part of the sin.

But now the safer ones comment on the non safe ones. Such an irony.

Coexisting should be a norm, be it existing with your organization, or existing with your colleagues. Support them by accepting pay cuts, or more efforts at work or empowering your team members. Support people who have lost jobs, emotionally by helping them take up voluntary assignments. Build their confidence. Assure them that this will also pass by. We will build a bigger boat to onboard them again. Hold on.
But holistically, everyone needs a transformation to undergo now be it the best, the moderate or good. Reinventing self is the only way to survive.

-Sucheta Gour

Emphasis to shift from Company and Salary to Sector and Sustainability

Emphasis to shift from Company and Salary to Sector and Sustainability
Criteria for job security now will not be gauged by
How stable the company is?
How comfortable the job is?
How highly am I paid?
Which sector is sustainable at most of the times even in crisis?
What is the growth graph of this sector?
At what intervals the graph shows a decline?
Which deptt or skill I should be in to not be replaced by automation, digitalization or robotization?
How can I not become redundant in the organization?
How much can I save in this job?
Will I get paid throughout my career in this sector?

-Sucheta Gour

How to Survive, Sustain and Serve this Pandemic as a Company?

How to sustain this Pandemic as a Company?
After-effects of the pandemic will be in ‘n’ numbers.
All the addressable now are for the moment.
To address the impacts and analyse the project, client and vendor behaviors, which is going to be of dynamic nature is the real challenge.
Demands, Expectations, Approach – everything is going to vary.
So plan, replan wisely.

  1. Lower your margins.
  2. Analyse costs in a diligent way and plan sustainability for the next 24 months
  3. Cut down additional costs
  4. Have only effective, flexible, integral and result oriented people in the organization.
  5. Introduce multi-tasking as a way of work.
  6. Set goals in accordance with the market scenario, measure the performance and take faster actions. Learn to be impatient to survive.
  7. Automate repetitive or less human interactive jobs
  8. Implement kaizen every quarter. Observe market changes at regular intervals. Analyse the need of the hour. Apply what works.
  9. Adopt, Implement and Adapt strategies in the least TAT
  10. Diversify in the business
  11. Take up services you considered lower level in the past for your organization.
  12. Give value adds.

Survive, Sustain and Serve

-Sucheta Gour