Words are just words – baseless and empty.

Emotions and words are deeply connected. Without emotions, words do not mean much. Words are just words – baseless and empty. The conviction with which they are carried out gives them strength and meaning.

-Pratham Lingadalli

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed, since, they hurt people’s ego’s and superiority complex.

What is the solution?

If you are correct, walk the path with confidence. Do not be disturbed by other’s opinion. Win over the people with patience , conviction, persuasion and demonstration of your thought by yielding the result.

If you want to correct others, accept the other person’s views first, give an ear, revisit your thought, think beyond your thought and theirs. If you still feel you are right, gradually make your moves towards convincing the thought with demonstrations and instances.

All of these, if the person is of significance, if he/she is worth spending your time and efforts.

-Sucheta Gour

Leaders have proven their worth

In COVID, Every decision might have and be sounding wrong from Leaders of Govts and Corporates. But we ought to be thankful for one single thing that, these people had the courage to stand up and to take decisions, see through the misty air and predict with conviction.

Else rest of the crowd only made noise, created havoc, passed wrong information, condemned every decision without coming up with solutions.
Leaders have proven their worth. Right or wrong they are going to own it, implement it, if gone wrong, they will stay through it and correct it. They have not been fence seaters. Appreciate, Support, and Glorify them. They deserve it. This would be their motivation.

-Sucheta Gour