Why do we face a dead end in our profession?

Whenever struck somewhere or when things don’t turn out the required way, I’ve heard people saying what I can do and play safe, or less confident or ignorant?

We do not have the same answer when we are dealing with our children or our family. We try to find out solutions through anything and everything. Why do we face a dead end when finding answers in our professional matters? Why do we give up even before trying? 

Because of the shortfall in giving ourselves to our work in totality or lack of awareness, willingness to explore all the possibilities or fear of failure and over-commitment. We want to believe in only what is visible. We don’t want to explore beyond visibility. We aren’t strong enough to blame ourselves. We are not confident in setting things right. 

After climbing up the ladder in the professional hierarchy, giving reasons becomes unacceptable because you are engaged for the results and not for process or reasons. 

Professional or personal – Only approach in life is going full circle to find solutions with infinite % involvement and not giving up ever. It yields results, or at least there is contentment with efforts.

  • Sucheta Gour