‘We serve India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Serving India’, and ‘Consumption by India’ is the Mantra and the priorities for every Indian Company today.

‘We serve India, We prosper’ is the Mantra for every Indian Company today.
A wise leader, a wise decision, and a great vision. Now it calls for every Indian to support and implement the same to succeed.
Our PM announces a 20 lakh crore, fifth biggest package in the world for reviving the economy.
Economy to be stimulated by reforms strengthening Infrastructure, Technology, Demography, and Demand.

‘Make in India’, ‘Serving India’ and ‘Consumption by India’ are the priorities.
We are the second most populated country in the world. If such a population cuts down the volume of imports even if from countries like China we are a self-sufficient nation with a stable economy. A philosophy thought off for quite a long time and lacking implementation in a robust manner is now taking the center stage and seeking a successful implementation.

Demand exists, the only diversion of the demand to local goods and an approach to look up at local goods needs to be developed.
Technology has been empowered by India across the globe by our valuable resources working outside India, Time to focus on empowerment in our own country, and give the credit to our country.
Our demography can be strengthened by Employment rules, Skill development, Clear expectations on deliverables, Standardized education system focusing on practical implementation and inventions, Time-bound assignments/ projects can induce the culture required to excel.

Next of the steps expected is to develop a platform with rigid rules like other countries to keep the focus intact and avoid manipulations. An Indian follows the rules in other countries and not in India. If an Indian’s approach can be developed to follow the same kind of rules and commit to deliverables with the support of the platform provided by Indian Govt and Corporates, the vision is not far off to be reached.

-Sucheta Gour