Career Growth

You grow up in your career not when you get a designation but when you can see the scenario from the other side of the table.

You mature in that role not when you have people to lead or authority to execute but when you can analyse the visible scenarios without a bias for yourself or any particular individual.
Further, you excel and are automated in the role when you have positive, constructive, sustainable solutions and strategies to the scenarios.

~ Sucheta Gour

Adopting a designation or adapting to the role? Which is faster?

Adopting a designation or adapting to the role? Which is faster?

I often hear people saying ‘ I want to be a Manager, or AGM or VP. ” Also justifying the reason to be in a senior role with the years of experience one had. I rarely see people fancying a role and saying ‘ I can see these gaps and I want to analyse , develop better, view and implement certain strategies based on my experience or observing my Manager. I want to work seamlessly 12 hrs for developing myself. I want to sacrifice my fun and spare time to learn and adapt.I want to take the ownership of deliverables”

People adopt theĀ  designation sooner than roles. The shift to designation is in a day and to the role will take years.The ones who can identify and reduce this Turn around time is the one who is sincere and worthy of the role.

-Sucheta Gour