Laugh and make people laugh. Distract people from the chaos around.

We have stopped living.We are just breathing. We are going to die. Speak something else.We are sounding so abnormal.We are motivating others as if the other one is near to death.We are advising everyone on the same topic and wishing them safety. This has become the new normal. Why cant we speak something else?
Look out of your boundaries…
Stop feeding your fears. Laugh and make people laugh. Distract people from the chaos around. Help them to be lost in anything other than the fear of COVID. We all will die….sooner or later. Only thing that has mattered or matters is what did we do when we were alive. How people remember you when you are gone. Forward jokes, merrying around, delicious dishes, blogs on progress, life skills. Speak of life, not of death and  sufferings. Negativity attracts negative thoughts and make us weaker. The whole Universe works towards making your thoughts true if strongly done. So, what do we want the Universe to do. Multiply our negativity or subtract our grief?

Every day when you come out, you see
plants and animals still living the same way they did before covid.The reason is no one is speaking about negative things to them everyday.
The virus itself is changing, transforming every second. How much precautions, to what extent and who all can. What are we claiming of ?
It began with symptoms, then asymptomatic,  Not affecting youngsters, then youngsters dying of infection,
Gets avoided with Vaccine but vaccine scarcity and we are still not aware of the long term effects of vaccine.
Situation is worse. But speaking, hearing, spreading and seeing negativity only attracts negative energy.

Do your part. Help people if you can, Take precaution, Adopt smiles, Spread Laughters.
Fake it before you make it. Avoid ignorance but dont burden your mind with too much information because no one can validate every information you hear in these times.

-Sucheta Gour