No one is looking at you when you are doing good. You are noticed only when you are doing wrong. Even the person who is benefited from your goodness will forget you over some time. Your worth is only for God to notice.
Again, do not do good to get something in return from God. Goodness should be your way of pleasing your soul, your way of life without deliberation. Appreciation from people is only overstating yourself. Please don’t fall prey to it.

  • Sucheta Gour


You are wishing good for someone? Never regret. Every single account is handled well by God. Just dont expect goodness, gratitude in action or words in return from the one you helped. Don’t weigh his actions and words against yours.The one above is clear about your intent. There is none else more important to prove to.

  • Sucheta Gour

God and life hurt less, People hurt more. God and life chose us

God and life hurt less, People hurt more Because we chose them over the other two. God and life chose us. We hurt God and Life more. So you know where it all comes from…..EXPECTATIONS.

-Sucheta Gour

I deny to see the bad in people.Not because I want to be a fool but bcoz I prefer to appreciate the good that God has created.

I deny to see the bad in people.Not because I want to be a fool but bcoz I prefer to appreciate the good that God has created.

I strongly believe that 80% of the people on the earth have only 20% wrong in them.And 20% of the people have 80% wrong in them.

Further the 80-20 ratio has a great explanation.We most oftenly hear a statement that good people are rare.Its not that they are rare.Its only that all arent good to all.All arent bad to all.Its only that you have preferences towards people. You are good to people whom you care for and neutral to others.But that doesnt make an impression that you are a bad personality.

When you are deliberating harnessing wrong feelings like jealousy, enemity, back stabbing, wishing others ruins etc.., you are a bad personality.

Else 80(good) -20 (bad) scale is still intact.

So God gives us still so many reasons to love the good in our fellowmen.

-Sucheta Gour

Hope is the only possible thing we can think of.

Hope is the only possible thing we can think of.
And prayer is the only easiest thing to do.
We want everything to be done by others or God. But can we do something which will not pull us into this chaos again?
Can we follow the rules of nature? With a little discipline, sincerity, and sustainability not to show anyone, not to do a favor on other beings but by understanding their equal rights. And considering our duties towards other beings to coexist with us.
Here we were considering community, race, religion …and God clarified with a strong message that all creations of His are one community- all species, across the universe. Can there be a harder way of learning this lesson? Or should we be still stuck again in petty thoughts like who did it? Why they did? How they did it?

– Sucheta Gour

Doing good – for Gratitude or Reward? | Motivational blog | Daily inspiring blogs

“We did so much of good and the other person didn’t carry gratitude”

These are our lines with lots of regret and disheartenment

Do we do good for people to carry gratitude for us?

Isn’t our account maintained by God?

Are people capable of reciprocating our good deeds or only God?

Anger and anguish will be there if you do good and are reciprocated with bad deliberately by people. Still there is someone out there who is watching.

When we do good to someone, there is a feeling of contentment and worthiness. The contentment is for boosting our spirit that we are good and capable to do good.

The worthiness is for the reason that God has created us and we have proved our worth to Him by making a difference to someone.

We ought to do good to keep our account intact with God. Nothing else matters.

-Sucheta Gour