What went wrong???

When you were a child, no one told you ‘Its impossible’
You were required to learn 7 subjects with different logic and approach.
You were supposed to aim at nothing less than 70% marks even as a worst scenario.
You were required to be keen on co-curricular activities too.
You were always compared with the best of all in all the aspects and motivated to chase. Sometimes with a stick or sometimes with a chocolate. Contentment of a parent about the child was a dream.

You had 24 hours to go to school, eat, sleep, play, study, take up your co-curricular activites. You were not so wise to be stressed. And aware that worrying never changed future. What a blessing?

You had peaceful sleep every night.
Your competition was with many and in different aspects.
Competition didn’t demotivate you.
Everything felt like achievable. Whatever you could’nt achieve, you had the courage and confidence to accept your shortfalls on a very positive note that “I didnt work hard, I skipped classes, was more playful but it wasn’t that I was dumb.”

And then we grew up to blame everything other than self. Everything was impossible.
Going to office became a herculian task. Deadlines started giving us sleepless nights. It seemed like we were required to learn and apply rocket science everyday. We weren’t good enough to achieve anything great. We felt survival itself was the greatest achievement.
What went wrong?
We drew lot of boundaries and limitations around our brain. We didn’t have our parents to motivate and say nothing is impossible and you are too good to give reasons or keep us grounded when overconfidence surrounded us.
Now we all know what happened to us.
Can we make an attempt to correct ourselves?

-Sucheta Gour

Human Race – Self Destructive…

Human race is a self destructive race. Irony is, it carries out destruction with the highest nobility and glorification.

-Sucheta Gour

Change and Get Stronger….

“You can’t blame the lion to have been hungry. It’s the deer’s job to run faster.”
Being a scapegoat may attract sympathy but not yield results. Your weakness motivates someone to overpower you. You can’t blame the whole world. Change and get stronger.

-Sucheta Gour

The art of following up…

The moment you learn this art, you aren’t a nagging wife, an irritating Boss, an annoying parent or an impatient vendor.
Firstly,  acceptance to the fact that we all need follow ups at both ends.
Secondly, whether we are junior or senior, we aren’t computers, we will miss out on many a things though priorities.
Thirdly, patience in not getting exhausted by the following up process
Fourthly, at what intervals do we need to follow up.
Fifth,  the approach required, the words to be used, the content which can make the right impact.
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-Sucheta Gour

Appreciating Women….

We women got to learn to respect each other before commanding respect from the society and other gender or the younger crowd. Mother in law – Daughter in law, Manager – subordinates or Peers. We only have sympathy to give to another woman. Hardly do we appreciate another woman, accommodate her self respect, right attitude and motivate her. We always want to pull out the flaws of an other woman, despise upon her, knowingly allow her take the wrong path, get along with people who envy her, gossip about her, bring down her morale and doubt her confidence. We should not get along with others in commenting on an other woman, we should not be a part of insulting, or speaking about an other woman’s character, or despising upon her just because she is beautiful or successful or carries herself well.

There are many women who feel good by seeing the pain of an other woman and wants to keep them pinned down there. Such women go an extra mile in proving their dis-integrity towards womanhood.
We lend a shoulder or give an ear when she is at her lowest. We don’t want to see her at the top and appreciate her for being there.
If a woman is successful, and we see anyone trying to pull out her negatives, we get along, make apprehensions, spread  it more than her success – which is the sole truth. Irony of our Psychology is, we glorify our action for supporting some one crying than seeing to that no one cries. That is the reason for why we stand where we stand. We haven’t given a demonstration of how we need to be respected to the people around. The battle to be won is not with others at all. It is within us with us.
Appreciate one woman every time you find something nice about even if the action needs deliberation, look up at her, behave deaf to anything spoken against her. Show integrity towards your kind.

-Sucheta Gour

Hey Woman – Bounce back every time!!!

Hey Woman!
You have always fought battles with all the people around, moved mountains, overcome insults and demotivation. All you have to remember through all of it and ahead is, You have gone through it to get stronger. So accept all of it happily. The world is working hard to make you better at everything by despising, demotivating, you.

Make the most of it. Bounce back every time.  Stay Put.
This would give you the greatest leap.

You don’t need anyone who would give you gender sympathy to drive you to success.
Happy Women’s day to me and all the ones who are proud of being a woman !!

-Sucheta Gour

What drives you – Courage or Cowardice?

Some people show so much efforts in completing anything only to make the assignment seem tough. So is the assignment tough or the person less skilled. 90% of the times, its due to less skill, ignorance, overconfidence or under confidence about self. When we do not know to do something the best way, its general tendency to feel that the assignment is tough. How to deal is matter of self introspection. The only thing that needs correction is our self is a courageous statement. And everything needs correction is a statement for escapism and cowardice.

-Sucheta Gour

“Do whatever you can handle without regrets”

People ask me whether to chase the passion or be a dispassionate common man with average zeal. My advice is “Do whatever you can handle without regrets”. Chasing your passion comes with lot of unseen sacrifices and endless efforts. You aren’t chasing your passion for others, so,  do not expect acceptance from others when you achieve your goals. That is the only way to enjoy your journey and destination if you are persistent on achieving your goals.

-Sucheta Gour

“People hurt me, fool me, deceive me, so it justifies my hurting, fooling and deceiving the people.”

“People hurt me, fool me, deceive me, so it justifies my hurting, fooling and deceiving the people.” And so the innocent people become victims to such standardised approach of the hurt ones. Ignore the ones that hurt you. There is some one else who is hurting the one who hurt you. Dont try to make it even yourself. Protect the good in you. Work towards channelizing your efforts towards a constructive thought than destroying others.Its a great waste of time and guilt getting added to you as an unwanted baggage.

-Sucheta Gour

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed, since, they hurt people’s ego’s and superiority complex.

What is the solution?

If you are correct, walk the path with confidence. Do not be disturbed by other’s opinion. Win over the people with patience , conviction, persuasion and demonstration of your thought by yielding the result.

If you want to correct others, accept the other person’s views first, give an ear, revisit your thought, think beyond your thought and theirs. If you still feel you are right, gradually make your moves towards convincing the thought with demonstrations and instances.

All of these, if the person is of significance, if he/she is worth spending your time and efforts.

-Sucheta Gour