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When do we stop our efforts for betterment?

What should make us happy?

What should be the comparison levels?

Should we glorify that I am better than what I was yesterday?

Should our efforts stop by saying I am less lazy than yesterday or more thoughtful than yesterday?




We should work towards being what is required of us to be successful?



No matter what level of efforts, sacrifices and transformation it takes. Comparison is never with what you were yesterday, it’s always with what you got to be tomorrow.


Progress is just an assurance of being on the right track.



We can stop only when we stop breathing. Until then efforts for betterment and quest for knowledge and success is mandatory.

– Sucheta Gour

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Will Issue

will issues

will issues

Most of the performance and growth issues are due to will issues and ignorance about the same. Skill can be built will cannot be created.It needs to be self created.So rarely external influences matter.

Reasons for our will issues to be ruining us

1) Acceptance

– We don’t want to accept that we have a will issue we want to justify our will issue with an undeserving and incorrect sympathy from others.

2) Blame

– We blame everyone other than identifying the will issue. Example -we blame the Manager or Company or the Process or Colleague for the will issue.

3) Limitation

– We don’t want to see beyond a circle of limitation which we have imposed around ourselves and our thought process, so we frame it as an impossible activity.

4) Turning our strength to weakness

: Our family commitments n emotions which needs to be playing as our strengths, we convert them to be our weakness which adds on to be one more point for promoting and justifying our will issue.

5)To add fuel to the will issue,

we want to cling on to things pleasing us or easier to keep bare motives high of having achieved something which is actually a basic activity or a regular need which anyone would perform to meet the bare minimum expectation to execute the activity.
But who suffers majorly at the end of d day. Isn’t it ourselves?
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