If I cant no one can….

Why do certain people limit others potentials with their limitations? I’ve come across people whose thought process is timid. They have built boundaries around themselves.

They feel – Anything beyond their visibility, doesn’t exist. They take a lot of opposition in getting convinced on a change initiative. They are only speakers justifying all the problems a task has. And such people want to limit and influence the doers and go-getters by posing their fears of failures.

They have an additional fear, that “if someone else succeeds than the expectation is from me too” or I will lose confidence in self because I’m not capable or my colleagues will look down upon me.

Due to their lack of skill, negativity, laziness and unwillingness to adapt, to change play a major role in pulling down the performers from the growth path.

But performers have a sturdy approach,

“If I can’t someone will, so I better not lose the chance”

-Sucheta Gour

Specially abled children-Hats off to you dear parents

Parents are the only God for specially abled children.

It seems like God has ruthlessly disowned these children after sending them to earth. They aren’t even aware of the reason for their punishment.

It seems like a curse coming upon them and their parents. Now whose deeds called for this curse also isn’t evident. The child is so by birth and the parents are so good to care for them, that it is so hard to believe that they might have sinned to be punished this way.

The parents are aware of the trauma of the child and they themselves go through. That doubles the pain of their battle. But they stand by the child selflessly throughout their lives. There is not an end to such a life. But they still chose to accept and live it. They try every science and shell out a bomb with a hope to bring the child to the main stream society. Further worry is who would care for the child after them.

Every parent atleast bear a thought on his mind, that my child will make me proud someday, or he will care for me when I’m old, or carry gratitude for me for bringing up. In such a case parents can’t even think of any of these scenarios. He just has to do his duty and keep doing it with sustenance. This is the highest level of unconditional love humanity shows.

Hats off! Oh God to have shown us the existence of love in real sense.

-Sucheta Gour