People management and parenting are ruthless jobs yet creative in nature and can never be technical or defined by a process

  • Sucheta Gour

Entrepreneur solves a puzzle….. | Management Blogs | Wise Quotes

As an entrepreneur you are solving a huge virtual picture puzzle every day with many pieces missing or lost.

When you are an Employee in a team or heading one department, you see a partial view of any picture and feel

‘Oh there is a huge mess. From where should I start to clear this? It never ends any day though I slog so much’.

As a senior management you have the complete picture at your view. And picture seems to be a huge puzzle. The picture itself is unclear. So you use your Wisdom and try to solve the puzzle so the picture is created and there is a better vision to self and others too.

As an Entrepreneur you have a virtual picture at your view. You first search for the pieces and then put them together on the real platform to arrange them to give a view to the people. As you advance, you realize there are many more missing pieces of the puzzle, which further needs to be created for alignment.

-Sucheta Gour