Are we looking for a child or a programmed robot? Who is an ideal child in today’s world?

An ideal child

Are we looking for a child or a programmed robot?

Who is an ideal child in today’s world?

One who will be obediently listening and following his parents’ instructions.
One who will not eat junk food
One who will score 100/100 in all his  subjects.
One who will follow hygiene,  take care of his room and his belongings with utmost care.
One who will wake up early in the morning and not be a night owl.
One who will not be on games app , play-station, Netflix, television and Instagram.
One who will not waste his parents money.
One who will marry a girl or boy of parent’s choice
One who will earn a lot of money.
One who will not go around freaking with his friends.
One who wont argue or disrespect his parents

One who will purse the career expectations set by parents and be successful.
One who will not be sticking on to gadgets always.
One who will be good in sports.
One who will be creative.
One who will actually respect his parents and not show pretense.
One who is empathetic about the genuine people around.
So on and so forth……

World has changed. All relations are turning out to be too practical or relations for need. Emotions are carried and portrayed in different ways. Today’s child is more a friend than a daughter or son. And the dynamics of approach of children towards their parents are totally different. So, give your child the responsibility of being a responsible and good human being.But at same time do not make him an emotional fool, weak minded, depended, less confident by over protecting or over caring.

The definition of a perfect child changes with time.Keep the basics intact and modify the outlook of approach and reciprocation towards your child’s actions . Keep your child grounded, hardworking and to be considerate.

-Sucheta Gour