What do older people mostly speak of?

Oh, we did this, we did that, how much fun we had when we were young. Those were the best days – lots to cherish. But you have many more years to look forward to and plan many more fun things for yourself.

As you grow older, your fears increase because you are dependent on others for many things and their outcome. You feel your energy levels are comparatively low. You feel fragile. 

Emotionally you get carried away easily, get hurt faster, have more time to weigh your strengths and weakness, you are more sensitive and influenced by the negatives and limitations you hear or assume about yourself – all because your mind gave up before your body did. 

At 50, you have 20 more years to go. At 60, probably a decade more. But, still, it’s a great deal of years to give up and live in regret, low confidence, fear or depression.

Remember all those years when you wanted a long break doing nothing, when you yearned for solitude when you have wanted to read all the books you wanted,  missed so many series and movies chasing your dreams and aspirations, all the sleep you wished for, all the lazying you were desperate for.

Life just gave you a golden opportunity to live it on your terms.

You might not be able to go on an adventure trip or party all night, or go biking or trekking.

But yes, you can go for a morning walk, do yoga with your friends, laugh, and crack jokes. Sing karaoke, feel young playing cards, carrom or chess with your friends. Life is always cherishable, even with old age or the worst pains.

  • Sucheta Gour

Do we ever measure what we have received?

We measure all the shortfalls of Life

Do we ever measure what we have received?

Let us correct our Maths and retrospect upon 

Like happiness, the money we earn, acquaintances, friends, relatives, number of people who care for us, who help us, and for whom we matter.

Let us do it for once,

All our complaints about God, Life will vanish.

What we have received will always be more than what we have lost and the phase in which we have lost. Shortfalls keep us yearning to fill the gaps.

For instances, 

We can’t expect our parents to live till we die because we are asking for their misery. After all, old age after specific years is miserable.

We can’t expect our children to cling to us forever or vice versa because we are a hindrance to their growth and independence. Additionally, we are their liability and not their strength.

We wouldn’t value it if we had more money and knowledge than required. We would rather misuse it. So keeping ourselves occupied in earning money and knowledge would keep our minds sane.

-Sucheta Gour