We are finding 2020 to be a year full of disaster. Very true. But two observations going around.

Disasters did happen earlier also but we did not count them or follow them closely because we were busy in our own lives. We never had time to grieve for others or feel their pain. Now we feel because we are in some or the other way affected by corona ,so, can feel others grief too. We are either affected with poor business, job loss, pay cuts, infected by Corona Virus, feeling imprisoned in our own homes, or financial distress. When in pain, we relate better.

After a cloudy day, and pouring rain, sun shines better and pleasant too. So wait for the rains to stop, the sun is eager to shine. If we withstand this pandemic, we will flourish for the next 100 years. Life gives an accelerating push when it grows monotonous.

-Sucheta Gour

Erase the boundaries team members have drawn around themselves.

Erase the boundaries team members have drawn around themselves.
Push them hard to step out of their comfort zones.
Every team member has a skill in them which can be their strength.
Step by step make them explore themselves.
Make them believe that sky is the limit.

Don’t give them leniency to cut corners. It won’t take them farther.
What you add to their habits and personality stays with them for long.
As a Manager this is our role. And in this pandemic, this approach is more essential to save our team members’ jobs too.

-Sucheta Gour

How to survive without much difficulty after a layoff or pay cut?

Companies are contributing funds for the pandemic PM cares or any other source on one hand and, retrenching (laying off) people on the other hand/ holding vendor’s payments/ announcing for pay cuts.

When there is no money to fund their own employees’ salary, why is this ‘charity – show off’ going on is what every employee/vendor might be thinking of. It is all about maintaining balance in the ecosystem.

There are two ecosystems in which every Company operates. One, the ecosystem of the organization – the Company, its employees and their families. And second ecosystem, the actual society in which we all live the Company with its employees, workers, vendors, clients and the whole of the people in the city, state, country, and world. The company’s ecosystem is a small part of the second ecosystem, the larger one. When you support the larger ecosystem to survive is when you survive.

Similar to the instance that, you can’t exhaust all the oxygen in the air by consuming off and live on oxygen cylinders at home.

In a population of 130 cr, Around 50 crore population is in the labor category according to 2015 stats. They are at the base of every Industry. And so they serve the base of society’s ecosystem too. If this population is affected, then every project, every company, every society goes for a toss. So it becomes the utmost ethical responsibility of every individual, every government and every Company to care for this class of the society.

If there is a pay cut or layoff for someone in an executive role like us, definitely we won’t starve without food, but will sustain at least three months, though our luxuries like EMI for a home loan, car loan might get affected in a major way, our psychologies will be affected. Our luxuries, savings, and net worth will come down. But with appropriate support from family, friends, and psychologists we will overcome it. We will emerge much stronger because adaptability is our inbuilt skill when we humans were created. We are educated, smart and tactful. But the workers or labor class who are struggling to earn their daily bread to survive for the next day won’t be able to sustain even a week with no food, no money, no job scenario. We are in a much better position.

So support the Companies who are supporting the society. Let us not create a hew and cry on the compromises on our luxury. Let us bounce back better and stronger.

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-Sucheta Gour

How to Survive, Sustain and Serve this Pandemic as a Company?

How to sustain this Pandemic as a Company?
After-effects of the pandemic will be in ‘n’ numbers.
All the addressable now are for the moment.
To address the impacts and analyse the project, client and vendor behaviors, which is going to be of dynamic nature is the real challenge.
Demands, Expectations, Approach – everything is going to vary.
So plan, replan wisely.

  1. Lower your margins.
  2. Analyse costs in a diligent way and plan sustainability for the next 24 months
  3. Cut down additional costs
  4. Have only effective, flexible, integral and result oriented people in the organization.
  5. Introduce multi-tasking as a way of work.
  6. Set goals in accordance with the market scenario, measure the performance and take faster actions. Learn to be impatient to survive.
  7. Automate repetitive or less human interactive jobs
  8. Implement kaizen every quarter. Observe market changes at regular intervals. Analyse the need of the hour. Apply what works.
  9. Adopt, Implement and Adapt strategies in the least TAT
  10. Diversify in the business
  11. Take up services you considered lower level in the past for your organization.
  12. Give value adds.

Survive, Sustain and Serve

-Sucheta Gour

Who will be able to survive in their jobs after this pandemic? How to save jobs?

Who will be able to survive in their jobs after this pandemic?
How to save jobs?

  1. Who will work focusing on results in the least TAT and not count on the hours spent in the office?
  2. Who can handle multiple activities effectively – like an end to end activities, for example,
    • Client relationship Manager handling team management activities for deliverables too,
    • Talent acquisition Manager handling employee engagement, employee life cycle, payroll, and exit too.
  3. Who can commit to delivering 200% productivity with 50% of the team size? Efficiency to the core, setting newer examples.
  4. Who will not stick only to the job role defined at the time of engagement but take up additional responsibilities? Exercising an increase in bandwidth.
  5. Who will save double the defined budget in any activity? And will value the company’s every penny more than their own.
  6. Who will recover every credit from the market by going to the extent of pleading the client in time?
  7. Who will be able to extend their support to multiple depths being multi-skilled, like for example,
    • a resource in quality dealing with safety role too or
    • a procurement resource dealing with a commercial role as well.
  8. Who will not bring up will issues and ego in the way of work making themselves bigger than the Company itself?
  9. Who will not make interpersonal skills with other depths a challenging task for the Manager or Management as there are bigger issues for Managers and Management to deal with.
  10. Who will not need repetitive reminders and lots of egos massaging or cajoling to deliver the required deliverables?
  11. Who will need minimum guidance and supervision to deliver 200% demands of the clients in the least TAT?
  12. Who can keep their designations aside and focus on the company’s sustainability during this phase?
  13. Who will compromise on the 50% pay cut but double the job involvement to 200%? And can give their 1000% to serve a client.
  14. Who will parallelly upgrade themselves to stand the competition post this pandemic effect, since everyone will have worked hard during the economic slowdown and got better at their job? A scenario similar to – Kaizen forcefully implemented on every person and personality.
  15. For freshers, it will be tougher as they have to compete with experienced people who will come at the same salary as their demands and will also be equipped with the skill ten times more than them and attitude as grounded as the market scenario after having seen the dip in the industry- realty bites.

Bcoz Company has only two choices – ‘Survive or Vanish’. And any company or any individual too will only go with people who can make them survive. And all the above are rules for survival.

-Sucheta Gour