We are so fussy about everything. We know only to complain. Election Chaos- Waiting time, crowd, heat of summer, confusions  in the poll booth,  we have a problem with all of it. 

Do we expect a red carpet welcome with escorts leading to air conditioning rooms, cold drinks, cookies when we go to vote? Those days can be the future if we cast our vote in the righteous way today. India being the largest democracy with 140 cr., we are able to manage to conduct elections now without threats, riots and clarity on information to reach the booths. I think this itself is a great achievement. We are fine to wait at restaurants for table for 30+ minutes and at temples for darshan for 2 to 5 hrs. When it comes to casting the vote, why are behaving like doing a favour on our country. We are Indians, we arent guests in our own home to be hosted like one.

  • Sucheta Gour