Do not fear to commit on deliverables with respect to timelines or performance metrics.

Your journey to success begins from there.

Safe play restricts your potential of exploring self and outgrowing your limitations.

  • Sucheta Gour

Do we fear efforts or success? Do we resist change or improvement?

Do we fear efforts or success? Efforts
Do we resist change or improvement? Change
But efforts lead to success and change brings in improvement.
Do we ever give a target of 35% to our child in their exam?
Then why do we expect a target of 35% from our Manager.
Or as a Manager why do we want to give a target of 35%

That’s because 90% of the crowd is happy only to do as much as required. They dont want to stretch their limits because they dont want to give in the efforts required for achieving more or gaining more. And the reason given is, if I do more, I’m expected to do much more.What is failed to be understood is, if I do more, I will be equipped with more knowledge. Stretching limits will make them explore their potentials

We arent responsible for others growth, why do we need to go that extra mile to improve our team member. Lot of efforts are required in training and sacrifices in setting examples.

Hesitation.Why will they listen to me? I’m not their parent. The age of being  parented has gone by for my team member. They arent children to be taught with a stick.They arent acers either to the trade they have got in.

Fourth, the management has to set guidelines for performance and measure them.The HR has to raise pip if no performance.Why should I be the bad cop?

Well, we never say why should i be the bad cop for my child.We are never happy when our child cuts corner to achieve something. But we are never bothered when the same things are happening by our team members. Eventually, results are compromised and Managers fill up more junk crowd with less potential, less skill, reluctance to hard work…..any day replaceable by a robot.

-Sucheta Gour

Whose jobs may be at risk with this evolution of the industry? How is the industry trying to plan its efficiency with respect to resources?

Whose jobs may be at risk with this evolution of the industry?
How is the industry trying to plan its efficiency with respect to resources?
Every company is facing unknown risks. And every company is uncertain about economic progress.

The calculation of damage from COVID-19 will continue for at least 18 months. Working capital will be impacted, Inflowing business analysis will fluctuate hugely to sustain the market.
In such a scenario, the order of cost-cutting will be – resource retrenchment, pay cuts, and infrastructure cost reduction.

Recent Hires – Last come to go first. The company has not experienced the performance of a new joinee. And the resource has still not proven his credibilities to count on his performance. So their jobs might be at stake.

Support departmentsHR/ Accounts/ Procurement/ Quality etc., or any such areas not driven directly by P & L – such jobs which may be digitalized or outsourced – need basis or consulting basis. the other option is the volume of work can be increased and the number of resources can be reduced.

Coordinating jobs – Any coordinating jobs like project coordination, procurement coordination with cross-functional teams that can again be digitalized with single window interaction.

Supervisory levels – Multi-levels of supervision like Asst Mgr, Manager, Sr Manager which can be replaced with more number of reportees to one person keeping the hierarchy less complex.

Repetitive jobs – Quality check by different people, purchase activities, or back up resources where accountability can be increased with one person.

Costlier resources – Resources at Sr level or expensive resources at any level. Since now the market will be flooded with resources willing to join on same salaries as earlier or lesser too to survive and sustain, hence costlier resources will be on target

Less adaptive, less proactive:
Resources with will issue, or poor interpersonal skills. Not flexible enough to own additional responsibilities at this time of crisis. Sticking to the expectations given at the time of joining and not understanding the changed scenario and multi-task after COVID-19. Not willing to take up end to end accountability.

Continuous mentoring and monitoring
Employers, Sr Management and Managers have two choices in this scenario – invest your time in strategic planning, business acquisition, financial planning


Exhaust your bandwidth in building better understanding, repetitive training, hand-holding your team members in delivering, In such a scenario such employees are preferred who are fast learners, self-motivated, better skilled, have a better understanding, better committed, more positive and take the ownership.

Of course, certain sectors like tourism, auto, airlines, retail, are affected by the rule and even the best of the employees will have to be losing jobs here.
Or a few more have lost jobs due to traveling back to their native places or not having internet connectivity to work from home.
Its an extraordinarily challenging, demanding situation for the whole world.
Learn to prioritize the organization, if the organization lives, you live.
STAY PUT, BE FLEXIBLE. WORK MORE to align with this crisis.

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-Sucheta Gour