Life would have been enormously boring without Challenges.

Dear Challenge,
I love you for being there with me all my life.I wonder what would I do without you. I just can’t imagine a life without you. You added spice to my life.You made my life worth living twice. Life would have been enormously boring without you.

Every morning I wake up to see you preparing me for a newer and tougher one. Everytime I win over you, I cherish the spirit of winning and look up at myself for being better than yesterday. I see you relentlessly working towards making me stronger with time. I haven’t seen anyone being so sustainable as you are.
Every time you come in a different avatar and keep me amused always.I can never get bugged up with you because you are never the same.
I also thank you from the bottom of my heart for losing to me ‘n’ number of times but still pursuing me. Anyone would have given up on me after so many defeats but you never did.
You motivate me to keep the sense of persistence like how you do. I learn so much from you for free without having paid a single penny to you. You are a sweetheart. Want you with me till the end of my life. Love you the most.
Proud to be simultaneously at war and in love with you….

-Sucheta Gour