The bigger your monetary gain, the more you are motivated to work. Is it true?

Not always.

An entrepreneur needs to work because his monetary gain is higher. He is building an identity for himself and value for the industry. His work hours are 24/7/365. If this is the only truth, why does a laborer work harder, more rigorous, and still earn less? His requirement is only three meals a day and shelter for his family.

Why doesn’t an employee prefer to avail his leaves? Why does he work 12-14  hours daily on many days/months/years to meet client deadlines and company deliverables?

You work according to your motivations. All because whatever reasons people carry – Growth, Money, Career, Recognition, Building a company, Social service, Public service, Basic living, Shelter, and food for the family – all are equally important to the respective people in their different phases of life. The only difference is how they want to conduct themselves to achieve those goals. How committed are they towards progress, betterment, or contentment? How focussed are they on their dreams? What sacrifices are they willing to make? How much do they have to give of themself for success in their endeavors? How much time do they want to spend learning to explore and acquire more and more knowledge? 

These are the determining factors. The rich- the poor, the entrepreneur – the employee, and the labor – the manager have their definitive goals and priorities to meet. The luxury of quoting the reasons for being unsuccessful only lies with the lazy and non-focussed people. 

Stop giving the reason that people earning more are more motivated to work hard. They only have higher responsibilities and integrities and will execute them at any cost. Also, their mentoring and upbringing in owning their responsibility 1000% towards everything they do add to their approach.

  • Sucheta Gour

How much and when the child deserves something. How it should be given? How to accept their status and richness?

Poor or middle class family kids have only one medium to earn respect, popularity and money…so they resort to education. Rich kids have money, luxuries and borrowed identity from their parents which brings them respect under the umbrella of their family name or parent’s authority in society. There isn’t any rejection or despising which they face. They don’t come across a reason to drive them to rise above where they are. They feel, they are already on the top.

They are exposed to our discussions about practically every aspect.

As parents, we should know, how much and when the child deserves something. How it should be given? We should teach them, how to accept their status and richness? How much to carry of it at any given point of time? We ought to chose what we should filter out before giving to our child so that they do not develop the overconfidence and misuse our success to their opportunity.

Raise children with right and clear expectation about parents, life and people around. Else we give them so contented a life, that, they do not yearn for anything from their life. A contented life beyond necessity doesn’t take us even a step ahead.

-Sucheta Gour