You feel your wife is no more beautiful. Other women are.
You think your husband isn’t as understanding and caring as other men are.
Is it true?

It’s always the tendency to long for things we don’t have. And in an attempt to do so, we forget to see around us and admire what we have.
Most of the time, you’ve lived with the best for you.
You chose, or your parents chose, and God also stamped your relationship because that is the best possible to suit you and what you deserve.
You might feel you are too good for the other. The other feels the same too. It’s ok. There has to be an imbalance to keep the balance. Each of you needs to be inferior or superior to the other in some aspects.

Your wife was beautiful when she married. That was the reason you married her. The only thing to notice is, over a while, she might have groomed herself less than an actress would do. She spent less on her jewellery and clothing, worrying about family finance. She might not have given time for carrying herself well and grooming to give more time to her family and kept herself less attractive and low-lying so that other men aren’t attracted to her. Or she might have felt since you have chosen her, her quest to go looking for someone else to impress has ended. That doesn’t make her less beautiful than Ms Universe.

Her post-pregnancy changes in her looks and body structure will have left her to change her definition of beauty. Had she made cautious and deliberate attempts by going for weight loss and plastic surgeries, yoga, exercise, parlours, spa, saloon, any day, she could still be Ms Beautiful. But owing to your combined family goals, you will find her more engrossed in caring for you and your family. That doesn’t give you the right to compare her with other women.
What if few women have still carried themselves well in the whole journey? Well, they were more competent in keeping their beauty and family goals balanced. But, probably, your wife prioritised only family. So, respect her for keeping you and your family above all. Please do not take her for granted or despise her. Apparently, only she can be forever beautiful and perfect for you if you analyse from all dimensions. And if you do not value what you have been blessed with, someday you will repent for losing the same.
Await the Men’s version in the next blog !!!

  • Sucheta Gour