Short Quotes – Perfectly Imperfect


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Short Quotes – Perfectly Imperfect – perfect

God hasn’t made anyone perfect, so that we compensate our shortfalls with our near and dear ones strengths – like puzzle pieces coming together to make a perfect picture.

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Women Quotes – Reaching out to the Stars


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Women Quotes – ambition – Reaching out to the Stars

I’m a woman of ambition. I want to reach out to stars and win over the world.At the same time I haven’t forgotten my glorified identity of being a mother or wife which is close to my heart.I want to be successful on both the fronts .God has created me with those multi tasking skills physically and mentally as well.

Hey people! support me, be by my side not with words alone actions as well.End of the day I’m a human being as well.I also do mistakes though I am aiming at perfection.I don’t deserve to be less counted upon.Appreciate my strengths, compensate for my weakness.Don’t make me feel guilty for not having cooked for few days or not having got a promotion at job.I’m trying my best. Encourage me by lending a helping hand.

I’m not here to compete with my spouse, neither I want to prove my superiority to the other gender.I’m not here to prove anyone wrong either.Do not declare my efforts and struggle a gender war.I struggle, work hard to feel confident and worthy of being created.I work towards making myself independent like any other creation of God.

Like any other creation with limitations , I also understand the limitation of my body and mind. l respect them as those are induced by God for me to coexist with the other gender and society.I request the society and my family to help me reinvent myself and prepare myself for the worst scenarios life might offer.I want to fly but stay rooted.

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Life Quotes – My Mom Cooks better than You


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My Mom Cooks better than You

Hey wives!!When a man says “My mom cooked better than you”, AGREE. Because it isn’t that only his mom cooked well, it is also true that your mom also cooked better than you. Whole of that generation cooked well. Previous generation still cooked better. The reason firstly being their experiences in cooking are 30+ years and yours is 3 or 5+ years. So it is very obvious. Experience has made them perfect. There can’t be a comparison or competition possible either.

Secondly, they had more time to prepare everything with lot of patience. They didn’t have to rush to office like you or come back home from a hectic, stressful day like yours. Their life was stress free. They didn’t rely on readymade masalas. They ground them in the grinding stone which gave those masalas and chutneys the aroma and taste which isn’t possible now because we use grinders or packed instant solutions.

The previous generations were further luckier enough to get vegetables grown in their backyard or organically without pollution with less adulteration. That obviously impacted the taste. And finally they loved their children like how you love yours so but obvious. The love added to the taste. Wait for your son to appreciate your cooking. It is natural. There isn’t any offence in it. If you have lived with a certain taste for 20 years it is going to haunt you. Furthermore your husband will love your cooking more compared to your daughter or daughter in law. So that explains.

And men out there just a piece of advice. Standard statements are understandable and acceptable but don’t despise upon your better half making it an irresolvable issue because it is an undebatable point but not an irresolvable issue.

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Short Quotes – Women, So Obvious..

women quotes

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Short Quotes – Women, So Obvious.

Women otherwise are so obvious , either they are emotional or they play with other’s Emotions. Only the Women with great goals carry Matured Focus , Balanced Emotions and Stable Mind.please check out similar inspirational quotes,awesome quotes Though process of the Youth