Greatest problem of today’s youth “BREAK UPS”

Greatest problem of today’s youth
Breakups are mourned worse than death.
They are glorified more than life itself. They are portrayed to an extent of having lost the purpose of life. 
If you were so important for the other person how could they imagine a life without you. And if they found other priorities why are you wasting your time , life and focus for them.
Some one said ones, “if you love something let it go, if its back to you, its yours and if it doesnt, then it was never yours.” And this holds good even till date.

I fail to understand one thing strongly.
Is it that  you are missing the person genuinely or you are enraged by the rejection and the ego is hurt. And if all this is true, will you  live a life of isolation mourning for the person forever. If no, then why cant you learn  to move out of the phase faster and focus on real important things of life.
Its seems like the youth needs classes on ” Moving on without harming your life”.What a tragedy? The so called adults need to be taught basic wisdom. Or should I say they need to be taught, how important they are for themselves and for those to whom they matter, their parents, or their family.And how can there be any reason be bigger enough to deny or ignore this fact.

You carry your pain on your sleeve and miss out all the best things of life.You turn out to be an introvert or an extrovert. You start taking the other gender lightly or you are extremely cautious. Why have these extremes when all this is utter waste of time. Nothing constructive or productive but only carrying the burden and stink of rotten potatoes.
It doesnt just end their, there is still a long story to it. Whole of your social media is flooded with posts of frustration and dejection.Why do you want to blow a beugle and proclaim to the world that someone didnt find you worthy enough. Or they could’nt tolerate you for what you are. Or probably you want to gain sympathy from people to feel better that the other one is at fault and not you.
Why make self so vulnerable that you are hurt to an extent of losing your own precious self. Its OK to lose some people in the life’s journey. Specially the ones who were not  made for you or you werent made for them. Nature maintains its balance well.
Do we ever mourn our parents death for months and years? We dont and if we dont, no one else can be more important before even proving a strong bonding for years.

Oh, how I wish, I would have had a break up and shown people, how else it could be dealt with. But, Alas, not been lucky enough or should I say have been lucky enough to give importance to self.

Loads can be written and discussed based on observations. Is it even worth it to value self less than a person who dumped you.

-Sucheta Gour