India loses world cup – life lessons.

India loses world cup – life lessons. Welcome wisdom from everywhere

India won 10 out of 11 matches. Still what mattered was the 11th match alone. A great lesson for all of us. People would soon forget the 10 matches and only remember the last one.

Consistency is very essential but only final results define your success. Over confidence that we will win is not the required ingredient. Confidence that we have to make it happen, working full throttle, fear of losing the final one and thereby multiplication of efforts before things go out of control is what required.

~ Sucheta Gour


We all try to align things when pushed to the corner.

We try our best efforts and make anything and everything a huge success. The real smartness is to have the last step first. It avoids waste of time, money and effort.
The approach required to have the last step first is – not giving oneself any other option, aggression to the extent of do or die in every assignment, hard work like there is no tomorrow and there is no second chance, confidence and belief every time that I am born to do this, again in every assignment, turning a deaf ear towards wrong influences and negativity, not looking for successful instances or examples from elsewhere to motivate self but create them from within.

~ Sucheta Gour


Only uncertainties are constant.

Many of the people, departments and businesses focus on only certainities. The businesses that provide solutions for uncertainties are the only ones that will make a fortune.
Building a stable ecosystem can’t be the focus of the way forward. Surviving, excelling and extracting the maximum from the most chaotic systems is the mantra.

Entrepreneur solves a puzzle….. | Management Blogs | Wise Quotes

As an entrepreneur you are solving a huge virtual picture puzzle every day with many pieces missing or lost.

When you are an Employee in a team or heading one department, you see a partial view of any picture and feel

‘Oh there is a huge mess. From where should I start to clear this? It never ends any day though I slog so much’.

As a senior management you have the complete picture at your view. And picture seems to be a huge puzzle. The picture itself is unclear. So you use your Wisdom and try to solve the puzzle so the picture is created and there is a better vision to self and others too.

As an Entrepreneur you have a virtual picture at your view. You first search for the pieces and then put them together on the real platform to arrange them to give a view to the people. As you advance, you realize there are many more missing pieces of the puzzle, which further needs to be created for alignment.

-Sucheta Gour