Way or phase of life?

Way or phase of life?
I never feel like celebrating or contented after reaching success in any assignment. I ask myself ‘What next?’
I feel life doesn’t have a final destination than death. I enjoy the journey of wisdom I keep gaining in the process of reaching somewhere ahead every time. My hunger for knowledge and passing by different milestones grows intense every hour. I dont like resting after any assignment because I dont feel I’ve travelled enough to rest. I experience immense peace in this state of mind.
I love to keep working hard but not halting enough to enjoy the results. I’m eager to move to the next work.
I don’t know to grieve anything because I’m more on the grateful side towards life.

I don’t or din’t have complains which I could carry for long about anyone because either no one came so close or I din’t expect anything from anyone or I din’t give them the right over me or they din’t stay enough to expect.

I am in a spot where my mind balances out any emotion and adds more towards happiness and contentment in every moment of my life. Sinking into tranquility forever.

– Sucheta Gour