Negativity – A Brain Disease

I think brain diseases have a very complicated nomenclature since they are so.

Most people aren’t affected by complex and rare diseases but by widespread and ignored ones.
Negativity is one such deadliest disease. It attacks the brain and kills people’s opportunity to succeed without even giving a realisation of its impact during the process or after the process.
After the process, it seeks shelter in reasoning with a blame game to overcome guilt and depression of having failed.
How to avoid Negativity?
Negativity is due to overthinking, being influenced mainly by those who want to pull you down, fear of failure, and playing safe due to less confidence in yourself.
Inculcate the habit of ignoring everything that influences you negatively. Make self so strong to overpower negativity with positivity.

~ Sucheta Gour


What do older people mostly speak of?

Oh, we did this, we did that, how much fun we had when we were young. Those were the best days – lots to cherish. But you have many more years to look forward to and plan many more fun things for yourself.

As you grow older, your fears increase because you are dependent on others for many things and their outcome. You feel your energy levels are comparatively low. You feel fragile. 

Emotionally you get carried away easily, get hurt faster, have more time to weigh your strengths and weakness, you are more sensitive and influenced by the negatives and limitations you hear or assume about yourself – all because your mind gave up before your body did. 

At 50, you have 20 more years to go. At 60, probably a decade more. But, still, it’s a great deal of years to give up and live in regret, low confidence, fear or depression.

Remember all those years when you wanted a long break doing nothing, when you yearned for solitude when you have wanted to read all the books you wanted,  missed so many series and movies chasing your dreams and aspirations, all the sleep you wished for, all the lazying you were desperate for.

Life just gave you a golden opportunity to live it on your terms.

You might not be able to go on an adventure trip or party all night, or go biking or trekking.

But yes, you can go for a morning walk, do yoga with your friends, laugh, and crack jokes. Sing karaoke, feel young playing cards, carrom or chess with your friends. Life is always cherishable, even with old age or the worst pains.

  • Sucheta Gour


Bring back the innocence and inquisitiveness to explore better. “I know it all” eventually will only create over confidence and saturate learning capabilities.

  • Sucheta Gour


People management and parenting are ruthless jobs yet creative in nature and can never be technical or defined by a process

  • Sucheta Gour

Blessings don’t excite us. Gifts do.

Blessings – the most cheapest thing to be received by people to whom they don’t mean anything. And the most expensive, invaluable thing to be received from anyone for the people who value them.

Blessings don’t excite us. Gifts do.
But blessings are the one which stand by you, take you ahead, protect you and what not.

When you bow down and seek blessings from elders, you get words from them which really carry the meaning and feelings too. I have never come across a fake blessing till now and I don’t feel they exist. Because, atleast the moment blessings are given, they are sincerely given, the person is moved because you oblige him to bless.

Value blessings though they are only words , for they are your unseen protecting shield, immense and unimaginable strength, strongest wishes for success , fill courage, confidence and positivity

-Sucheta Gour

Winning arguments is cheap. Winning hearts is royal.

Winning arguments is cheap.
Winning hearts is royal.

Teach your child to win hearts.
Today’s generation is more keen on proving their point, be it right or wrong.
And they can argue to any extent crossing the line of dignity in doing so.
Adolescence sets up a platform to justify such behaviour too. But if it doesn’t get curbed in time, this awkward behaviour continues to remain with the child creating a sense of over confidence,  superiority complex or inferiority complex hidden with arrogance.

Eventually when he is an adult ,the child reaches a stage where he feels he can get away with any argument just by overpowering the other and not developing wisdom by being a good listener. This leads to limitation of knowledge and unacceptance by others.

-Sucheta Gour

House wife & Working woman what will they prioritize first family or herself?

House wife
By default every house-wife is her last priority. Family comes above herself
the reason for she being a perfect mother and wife. And the family gives instances of a working woman despising her selflessness. She is different only in one way. She made her choices to prioritize others above herself.  She never lacked skill but the will to prioritize herself. She worked relentlessly for her family.
If she starts prioritizing only herself,0 the balance in the family is lost.So finally should she prioritize herself or should the family prioritize her?

Working woman
She has to balance either ways. Prioritize herself and take care of family too. But she can expect. She has her space.She is contented with the success, appreciation and money. She possess confidence and attitude too. But she has different set of challenges. She has too many fronts to manage. She is always guilty about falling short in one of her roles at any given point of time.
However both chase perfection in every role of theirs and mostly get disappointed by the reciprocation she gets in return.But never gives up on herself or people.
Hats off to the woman in your lives.

-Sucheta Gour

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed, since, they hurt people’s ego’s and superiority complex.

What is the solution?

If you are correct, walk the path with confidence. Do not be disturbed by other’s opinion. Win over the people with patience , conviction, persuasion and demonstration of your thought by yielding the result.

If you want to correct others, accept the other person’s views first, give an ear, revisit your thought, think beyond your thought and theirs. If you still feel you are right, gradually make your moves towards convincing the thought with demonstrations and instances.

All of these, if the person is of significance, if he/she is worth spending your time and efforts.

-Sucheta Gour

You are a Leader. You are born to lead.Challenges are the fuel and Solutions build your confidence.

You are a Leader. You are born to lead.
Challenges are the fuel and Solutions build your confidence.

Leaders carry a basic instinct of being farsighted.
Risks make your role necessary and significant in any organization.
Most of the decisions are to be made with conviction without having any visibility.
The number of intuitions you get right and the accuracy of the solution towards the problems make you an excellent Leader.

The journey to being a Leader is very intimidating. You walk alone. Your focus is unquestionable. Your visibility cannot be reached by most of them. What you see is not even thought of by others. So the acceptance levels are poor. But you not only carry a vision but also compliment it with your efforts and pave a way through the mist.

You carry the crowd along to reach the destination. You build the direction for many who would be lost otherwise. Your mere presence motivates people.

You can never give relaxation to yourself because everyone around you is observing you. You do not have a choice than to lead by example or to be looked down upon by others.

Your journey is unique. You have the courage to be positive throughout the journey. Your journey doesn’t have a final destination. The destination keeps altering every time you reach a milestone.

A problem needs a solution; a solution doesn’t need a solution. You see solutions to every problem even before it arises. You aren’t a victim of any situation. You are a warrior in any situation.
Hats off – to every leader of any department, Company, State, and the Country. You make the world worth living twice.

-Sucheta Gour