Laugh and make people laugh. Distract people from the chaos around.

We have stopped living.We are just breathing. We are going to die. Speak something else.We are sounding so abnormal.We are motivating others as if the other one is near to death.We are advising everyone on the same topic and wishing them safety. This has become the new normal. Why cant we speak something else?
Look out of your boundaries…
Stop feeding your fears. Laugh and make people laugh. Distract people from the chaos around. Help them to be lost in anything other than the fear of COVID. We all will die….sooner or later. Only thing that has mattered or matters is what did we do when we were alive. How people remember you when you are gone. Forward jokes, merrying around, delicious dishes, blogs on progress, life skills. Speak of life, not of death and  sufferings. Negativity attracts negative thoughts and make us weaker. The whole Universe works towards making your thoughts true if strongly done. So, what do we want the Universe to do. Multiply our negativity or subtract our grief?

Every day when you come out, you see
plants and animals still living the same way they did before covid.The reason is no one is speaking about negative things to them everyday.
The virus itself is changing, transforming every second. How much precautions, to what extent and who all can. What are we claiming of ?
It began with symptoms, then asymptomatic,  Not affecting youngsters, then youngsters dying of infection,
Gets avoided with Vaccine but vaccine scarcity and we are still not aware of the long term effects of vaccine.
Situation is worse. But speaking, hearing, spreading and seeing negativity only attracts negative energy.

Do your part. Help people if you can, Take precaution, Adopt smiles, Spread Laughters.
Fake it before you make it. Avoid ignorance but dont burden your mind with too much information because no one can validate every information you hear in these times.

-Sucheta Gour

Happy Quarantine!!

Happy Quarantine!!

Only time you get in life to spend with yourself.
Speak to all the school, college friends who complained about you not remembering them.
Read or hear all the ebooks you felt you didnt have time to read.
Sleep as much as you want to, no one will ever disturb you.
Have all your wish fulfilled of playing games or sketching or painting or any other hobby.
Chat with your girl friend/boyfriend for all the time and resolve their complaints,
Gain sympathy and attention, if you like, from all your relatives and friends.
Get all your tantrums tolerated from the family. They dont have a choice.
Demand all your favourite dishes cooked from your mom or sister you wished to eat.
Watch all the OTT movies, web series  you felt you didnt have time for.
You need not hurry to start the day or wind up the day either.
Peep outside to see the lush green tree outside your window which you never noticed.
Hear the bird’s melody in the early morning which you never bothered about.
Listen all the songs you wanted to hear.
Pull out those old memories from your store on your system, some pics or diaries and refresh those moments.
Speak to yourself. Peep into yourself and know yourself better.

Test your will power and build your immunity with all the antibiotics and vitamins.
Keep yourself busy to avoid negative thoughts.
If you develop any symptomns like fever, cough or cold , panic less but treat yourself with a Doctor’s medication.
Death rate is very less compared to other ratios. Avoid news on COVID
Thank God for being in Quarantine and not on a ventilator.
Thank God for being tested positive and that your parents are safe because your age supports you in recovery sooner or you are better stronger compared to your other beloved ones. Probably God chose you over them.
Lots and lots more to feel good of.
Make the most of COVID.
Life will look the best.

Take care.

-Sucheta Gour

We are finding 2020 to be a year full of disaster. Very true. But two observations going around.

Disasters did happen earlier also but we did not count them or follow them closely because we were busy in our own lives. We never had time to grieve for others or feel their pain. Now we feel because we are in some or the other way affected by corona ,so, can feel others grief too. We are either affected with poor business, job loss, pay cuts, infected by Corona Virus, feeling imprisoned in our own homes, or financial distress. When in pain, we relate better.

After a cloudy day, and pouring rain, sun shines better and pleasant too. So wait for the rains to stop, the sun is eager to shine. If we withstand this pandemic, we will flourish for the next 100 years. Life gives an accelerating push when it grows monotonous.

-Sucheta Gour

Freedom from Covid is what the whole world is praying for today.

Freedom from Covid is what the whole world is praying for today. So when people will overcome the threat of Covid, it will be an independence day for the whole world.

An other scenario is, Covid has helped us liberate ourself from the Routine, Traffic, Pollution, Global warming, Distance from near and dear ones.

Further, India has been Independent for more than 70 years now, the real independence has begun now with Government actively involving the participation of every Indian in one or the other way towards uniting them to face problems, threats together, awakening their emotions and motivating them towards their responsibilities towards the country and their fellow men and development of the country.


-Sucheta Gour

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

The rich are complaining that they’ll earn less. The poor are complaining that they have to take loans to feed their families and stay alive.

Covid infected are worried with the fear of death, uninfected are worried fearing that they might be infected.

People with salaries are worried that they have to compromise on their lifestyle or start spending their savings due to paycuts. Whereas people who have lost their jobs are worried that their financial committments will suffer.

The Govt is worried that the economy will be affected.

The women are worried that their isn’t any support of domestic help.

Men are worried that their freedom is compromised.

So eventually the complete picture shows everyone in worries, pain and cribbing about the scenario.

If there is less, there are worries, if there is least also there are worries, if there is nothing, also, there are worries.
So shouldn’t we think deeply? Why are we worried? Because we always want a picture perfect life. When was life so? When will we develop acceptance and learn to be happy looking at the worse scenarios.

-Sucheta Gour

‘Why are you keen on this job?’

‘Why are you keen on this job?’
“It’s pretty challenging, and I like challenges.”

90% of people fail because they want to face challenges designed by themselves.

Defining a self-designed challenge – The intensity should be just how much they can forego, the magnitude should be as much as they can bear, and the duration should be no more than microseconds. This is the recipe for a challenge.

In that case, have we mistaken challenge to be a sneeze. Because they say your heart skips a beat when you sneeze, it lasts a microsecond, it isn’t caused by you, and no one ever died because of a sneeze. But when you hear that your heart skips a beat, you panic. You feel you’ve reborn after every sneeze.

Well….. the commonly expected answer in an interview for ‘Why are you keen on this job?’ is “It is pretty challenging, and I like challenges.”
And when they join an organization, they reason out saying these challenges weren’t expected.
Or on the other hand, you want to do all the homework and figure out how fewer challenges are there in the job? How to pass them on to others? How to find reasons and justifications to convert the challenge into an impossible task before the Bosses?

We are surrounded by people with enormous skills and intelligence but trying to convert all of it into a National waste. We are all born smart and physically, mentally equipped to handle situations and challenges. We have done it time and again also in our personal lives. Then why are we finding escapes when our professional life offers challenges.

Today is the time to invite unknown, unexpected, unfabricated Challenges and accept them irrespective of your age, level, and authority. COVID is a colossal example- personally and professionally. Do not glorify challenges. Do not expect challenges to be customized by yourself. Avoiding challenges is avoiding success, opportunities, and avoiding LIFE. EMBRACE CHALLENGES, EMBRACE LIFE

-Sucheta Gour

Leaders have proven their worth

In COVID, Every decision might have and be sounding wrong from Leaders of Govts and Corporates. But we ought to be thankful for one single thing that, these people had the courage to stand up and to take decisions, see through the misty air and predict with conviction.

Else rest of the crowd only made noise, created havoc, passed wrong information, condemned every decision without coming up with solutions.
Leaders have proven their worth. Right or wrong they are going to own it, implement it, if gone wrong, they will stay through it and correct it. They have not been fence seaters. Appreciate, Support, and Glorify them. They deserve it. This would be their motivation.

-Sucheta Gour