A right leader causes less benefit to the society than the damage caused by a wrong leader

Hitler…a great orator and a leader….who could motivate people to kill and die.
Only if it was for the benefit of the mankind and not restricted to any country or religion or personal hatredness.
Great leaders with right ideologies lead to a constructive thought process and contribute positively to mankind. Great leaders with wrong ideologies lead to the destruction of great civilizations, societies, state or country.
Ram and Ravan, both were great leaders. From individual perspectives, great personalities with vast knowledge. We worship Ram, we call Ravan , the demon.
Having Leadership qualities doesn’t make a righteous Leader. Having right ideologies is equally important.
A right leader causes less benefit to the society than the damage caused by a wrong leader.

-Sucheta Gour

To learn from our Army……

To learn from our Army……

Unity in diversity
Sacrifices to the extent of infinity
Country over life
Team work
Toughness in the toughest terrains

These soldiers have emerged from all kind of societies and class of our country and have leveled up to one platform with almost same standards in all the above characteristics.
Can we learn atleast 10% and implement 5%.
Life will be well lived.

-Sucheta Gour

Why do these wars exist? Why do these barbarian ways of life still practised? Why lose lives for no reason?

Wars weren’t fought to prove anything, but one person’s thought which was right or wrong. That person who was a good orator, could hypnotise people with his thought process. The other side had no option but to defend.
Wars had great leadership applying great strategies. Many a times we fail to understand the very cause of war. We all are matured, can communicate ,convey, discuss, argue, disagree. When we are blessed with verbal skills and thinking capacities, why is it important to prove the might with wars. Animals mark their territories, why are we humans behaving similar.

In modern world , why not show case wisdom with trade war and verbal discussions than having a trade of lives. Where words end, weapons are initiated. But why do words end when we have a dictionary full of them. Fighting was a very ancient way of showing disagreement. Why didn’t fighting replace verbal arguments, strategical and intellectual trade war.
Why do these wars exist? Why do these barbarian ways of life still practised?
As a country you differ in opinion, thought process and practices….Makes sense. All people, societies, states, countries cant think the same. In such a scenario, why not protest against each other banning their products, their investments, adopting their technology .Why not empower people and the country to reduce dependencies or cause harm in an intellectual way? Why lose lives for no reason?

Today’s Leaders or Country representatives on both sides may disagree, cause war , people fight and lose lives for the belief in disagreement. Tomorrow’s leaders might agree. What about those lives lost? Is might shown only by fighting and losing lives?
Technology has come far ahead to change the world to the extent of being amazed. Why didn’t we come to terms with this primitive practice?
Its definitely important to prove that you can strong and defend any wrong by not being submissive. But why cant both sides find better and dignified ways to prove their worth?

-Sucheta Gour

Entrepreneur solves a puzzle….. | Management Blogs | Wise Quotes

As an entrepreneur you are solving a huge virtual picture puzzle every day with many pieces missing or lost.

When you are an Employee in a team or heading one department, you see a partial view of any picture and feel

‘Oh there is a huge mess. From where should I start to clear this? It never ends any day though I slog so much’.

As a senior management you have the complete picture at your view. And picture seems to be a huge puzzle. The picture itself is unclear. So you use your Wisdom and try to solve the puzzle so the picture is created and there is a better vision to self and others too.

As an Entrepreneur you have a virtual picture at your view. You first search for the pieces and then put them together on the real platform to arrange them to give a view to the people. As you advance, you realize there are many more missing pieces of the puzzle, which further needs to be created for alignment.

-Sucheta Gour