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Wives are bad, Husbands are bad, Mothers are bad, and Fathers are bad. Daughters are bad, Sons are bad, and Daughter in laws are bad. Why there is never a son in law who is bad. Because the expectations are zero from a son in law. He is only born to receive and not give. Be it gifts, property, money, accolades.

Again sons are bad only after daughter in laws come in. What an illogical theory we have adapted. A son whom we have given birth to, whose culture is ours and whose thought process is developed by us is blamed of being influenced overnight by someone.

A son in law is never expected to pay a mother in law’s hospital bill as a duty. If he happens to do so it is a favor. And a daughter in law’s duty is to spend every penny she has earned for her mother in law when such a situation arises.

A son is supposed to pay a maintenance cost to his parents or at times other family members monthly even if they have a regular source of income like pension or some other source like rent or farm source. This is considered his ethical responsibility else he is an ungrateful son. His love is calculated on his spending capacity on them.

Whereas a daughter is not supposed to support her parent’s even if they do not a have a source to support a comfortable life in their old age.

A son in law should never care for his in laws by being with them in the hospital if they are hospitalised. But a daughter in law is required to do all her duties like a family member.

What a hypocrite society we have built?

-Sucheta Gour

Life – Blessing or a Punishment? | Quotes on Life | motivational quotes

People live life like a punishment. Whereas, life is always a blessing. We err, we succeed, and we perceive right or wrong things. We can see, hear, think, and speak. Whereas, none of the other living beings can do all these things.

We are strong, weak, happy, and sad. Sometimes we are ignorant, or enjoy our mistakes and sometimes we take pain in walking the right path.

We come across right, wrong, good, bad people. We are wrong, we are right. We learn, unlearn, and forget what we learn, relearn what we require. But all these are ways of life.

A journey unavoidable. We are all alone through all this. We and our thought process which influence our state of mind. We feel we have our near and dear ones along with us. But nothing and no one can come in the way of our interactions with any of the above.

We and our thought process decide how we will face all these. So, why blame life? Life as a human being is the most precious gift of God.

-Sucheta Gour

Chase the perfect picture | Motivational Blog | Life Quotes | Positive Thoughts


People have been motivating me with a perfect picture in everything I do and I am motivated to reach there. I don’t want to carry a doubt about the perfect picture because need to chase everything worthy, to be successful. Our standards elevate with such dreams, hopes and motivations.




At times I am forced to think; due to all the unnecessary practical thoughts that, Is there a perfect picture? But when I achieve such perfections (from the past instance), its more satisfying than the doubt itself.



I’m thankful to all the people around who pushed me to chase the perfect picture. Always felt it was worth trying, though at times I’m sure that the initiation point – the person responsible for motivation also couldn’t reach it. Finally I realize the perfect picture were at times – his fancies otherwise which I achieved.

So even people who aren’t achievers or perfectionists also contribute for your achievements of a perfect picture. Give an ear to everyone who can motivate you.

–  Sucheta Gour

Smile and Happiness | Positive Thoughts | Self Motivating | Blogs | Quotes

Observing faces and trying to read them has been my hobby for quite some time now. All I figured out was, I saw 99.9% faces having serious thoughts on their mind.

Few read about feeling inferior looking at people around, few read about the burden of their personal problems few more read of their professional problems, few were tired of carrying their confidence with deliberate attempts and few carried the fear of life, few carried the thoughts and anxiety of their following day’s assignment, few carried the worries of their problems, few carried the grief of the past and few carried the uncertainty of future.

No one lived in that moment. Was it that difficult to live that moment with happiness contentment letting the past and future go? Definitely you get different ideas looking at different people or in different places.

But, is smile so harmful that it curbs productive thoughts or does it support? Sometimes I felt blessed are the people from hospitality industry whose job required is to carry a smile on their face. Smile eases the thought and relaxes your mind.

90% of the times I feel tempted to give a hug to all these people and say ‘Chill, Life and everything around isn’t this ugly’.

Life with all its challenges, the spice of struggle, the sweetness of happiness, the sourness of fun and the bitterness of sorrow is the most delicious meal God has gifted us. Smile and Happiness are pride to carry and the most beautiful jewel which beautifies us from within too.

-Sucheta Gour

Who loves whom?? | An Article about | Love | Relationship | Life | Quotes

When do you know she loves you?

When she can observe you for hours noticing and being amused with every expression of yours. She imitates you unknowingly.

When she forgets to see around when she is with you.

When she is keen on how you see her than how the world sees her.

When she can be the boldest across the world and still shy away when it comes to you.

When she annoys you for small things and fears your anger.

When she finds no flaws in your looks.

When she knows you like the back of her hand?

When she cares for you like an infant and seek your arms to feel secured.

When she cherishes every moment with you.

When she is cautious about her actions not to hurt you even when you aren’t around.

When she wishes your good by habit and not deliberately.

When she trusts you more than herself

When she fears losing you which shows in her possessiveness.

When people place and things remind her of you which means her world revolves around you.

When she is 100% sure you would never hurt her.

When she corrects your wrong and appreciates your right.

When she feels offended about anyone looking down upon you and corrects your flaws before others notice and look down upon you.

When she can find answers for your every question.

Pray for you day and night. When she can fight with God to change your destiny to good.

When she authorise you to be possessive about her love.

When she feels overwhelmed and proud of your success.

When she looks for her identity in you and you become her priority above herself.

When she is never contented by your achievement and keep aiming higher for you raising the bar of perfection.

When she tries every attempt to be your strength and not your weakness.

Stand by you through thick and thin. Motivates you knowing your shortfalls either by provoking you or appreciating you.

Help you recognise your strengths and boost them up. Recognise your weakness and make you overcome them.

When she doesn’t gauge you by your bank balance, but the emotional quotient of your heart for her.

And when all this is done unconditionally, you know you are the one she has chosen to belong to.

A combination of mother, girlfriend, wife and daughter.


And when does the woman get to know that he doesn’t love her?


When he doesn’t value any of the above and still questions your fundamentals.

Treats you like an intruder amidst his family. Is biased by his upbringing and society’s wrong influences alone and hardly behaves educated.

Keeps secrets from you.

Questions your integrity even at the end of your life.

Takes you for granted owing to your gender and the rules of society set for you.

Your 200% love is considered your bare minimum duty and even 10% reciprocation is considered a favor.

Not willing to compromise on his luxuries or fun which are considered needs but your needs are considered luxuries.

When he chooses you to compromise on your career, health and relaxation for his comfort.

When he is unaware of any of your sacrifices, your care becomes nagging and concern becomes irritation and botherance.

When you become one more woman on the earth and no more remain a special person though you do the maximum justice to the relation.

When he is sure that you wouldn’t leave him inspite of all his emotional torture or insensitiveness because your culture and society doesn’t accept your betrayal to him or independence from him.

A combination of a stranger, cheater and an enemy in disguise.

The next set of questions to follow in the next blog.

– Sucheta Gour

Better you OR Successful you? – Inspirational blog about | Success | life Quotes


When do we stop our efforts for betterment?

What should make us happy?

What should be the comparison levels?

Should we glorify that I am better than what I was yesterday?

Should our efforts stop by saying I am less lazy than yesterday or more thoughtful than yesterday?




We should work towards being what is required of us to be successful?



No matter what level of efforts, sacrifices and transformation it takes. Comparison is never with what you were yesterday, it’s always with what you got to be tomorrow.


Progress is just an assurance of being on the right track.



We can stop only when we stop breathing. Until then efforts for betterment and quest for knowledge and success is mandatory.

– Sucheta Gour