Teach your son integrity to deal with girls, or else be prepared for your daughter to be prey to someone else’s son. There was an era when advice was taken seriously by children. Now experiences only teach lessons is the notion. But not at the cost of someone else’s daughter. Examples should be picked by looking at the parents and siblings who can be role models for handling relationships and their advice to adhere to. And not from multiple affairs or failed relations that leave the generation broken, guilty, fearful, and disoriented from within. There is no excitement about marriage, life partner, or the essence of the relationship but the rituals.

Inspite of all the trials, there are maximum divorces unlike the era when there were no chances of having too many trials.

¬†Additionally, the prime years, when they must focus on their career, goes defocused. Somehow parents are not bothered when the son has an affair. Only when the son wants to marry do they get wary. But with daughters, parents are cautious about their affairs. Why are we okay with other’s daughters falling prey to our sons and not receptive to vice versa?

  • Sucheta Gour