Ready-to-eat, Ready data on a click, Ready information at a click on google, Ready answers on Chatgpt,  instant food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, instant results – all kill people’s inbuilt skill – PATIENCE. Impatience is at the highest level on literally anything and everything. But one strange thing is impatience is for expectations from others, where someone else owns the deliverables towards you, where you are at the receiving end. And not where you are at the giving end and are required to deliver to others’ expectations. The day we standardise the expectations for both sides, I think half of our complaints towards others will reduce, or our expectations from others will normalise. And hope that happens soon.

  • Sucheta Gour

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed

‘Being Correct’ and ‘Correcting Others’ – both aren’t welcomed, since, they hurt people’s ego’s and superiority complex.

What is the solution?

If you are correct, walk the path with confidence. Do not be disturbed by other’s opinion. Win over the people with patience , conviction, persuasion and demonstration of your thought by yielding the result.

If you want to correct others, accept the other person’s views first, give an ear, revisit your thought, think beyond your thought and theirs. If you still feel you are right, gradually make your moves towards convincing the thought with demonstrations and instances.

All of these, if the person is of significance, if he/she is worth spending your time and efforts.

-Sucheta Gour