Life – Blessing or a Punishment? | Quotes on Life | motivational quotes

People live life like a punishment. Whereas, life is always a blessing. We err, we succeed, and we perceive right or wrong things. We can see, hear, think, and speak. Whereas, none of the other living beings can do all these things.

We are strong, weak, happy, and sad. Sometimes we are ignorant, or enjoy our mistakes and sometimes we take pain in walking the right path.

We come across right, wrong, good, bad people. We are wrong, we are right. We learn, unlearn, and forget what we learn, relearn what we require. But all these are ways of life.

A journey unavoidable. We are all alone through all this. We and our thought process which influence our state of mind. We feel we have our near and dear ones along with us. But nothing and no one can come in the way of our interactions with any of the above.

We and our thought process decide how we will face all these. So, why blame life? Life as a human being is the most precious gift of God.

-Sucheta Gour