You are wishing good for someone? Never regret. Every single account is handled well by God. Just dont expect goodness, gratitude in action or words in return from the one you helped. Don’t weigh his actions and words against yours.The one above is clear about your intent. There is none else more important to prove to.

  • Sucheta Gour

The Perfect Team Member…

Every Manager is on the look out of that person who wont take too many leaves, doesn’t need follow up for every activity, who can understand the pulse of the client, who can meet deadlines without reasons, who believes in every target set by the Company, who will not show tactfulness in managing Manager but the team, who will not do the same mistake twice but does different mistakes everytime and learn from every mistake, who will be open to learn throughout his career, who will belong to the company or team he is working in, who will not involve in office politics,  who will not consider his team just a tool for his own success, but as his companions for the journey to succeed.

Seems like more than what is expected in a bride or groom hunt.
Do you find such people?
No, Managers can raise such people provided the team member believes in the Manager.

-Sucheta Gour

What went wrong???

When you were a child, no one told you ‘Its impossible’
You were required to learn 7 subjects with different logic and approach.
You were supposed to aim at nothing less than 70% marks even as a worst scenario.
You were required to be keen on co-curricular activities too.
You were always compared with the best of all in all the aspects and motivated to chase. Sometimes with a stick or sometimes with a chocolate. Contentment of a parent about the child was a dream.

You had 24 hours to go to school, eat, sleep, play, study, take up your co-curricular activites. You were not so wise to be stressed. And aware that worrying never changed future. What a blessing?

You had peaceful sleep every night.
Your competition was with many and in different aspects.
Competition didn’t demotivate you.
Everything felt like achievable. Whatever you could’nt achieve, you had the courage and confidence to accept your shortfalls on a very positive note that “I didnt work hard, I skipped classes, was more playful but it wasn’t that I was dumb.”

And then we grew up to blame everything other than self. Everything was impossible.
Going to office became a herculian task. Deadlines started giving us sleepless nights. It seemed like we were required to learn and apply rocket science everyday. We weren’t good enough to achieve anything great. We felt survival itself was the greatest achievement.
What went wrong?
We drew lot of boundaries and limitations around our brain. We didn’t have our parents to motivate and say nothing is impossible and you are too good to give reasons or keep us grounded when overconfidence surrounded us.
Now we all know what happened to us.
Can we make an attempt to correct ourselves?

-Sucheta Gour

Let Go & Live Light…

Does anger always mean hatredness?
Not always. If some one is angry with you, doesn’t mean that they hate you.They haven’t liked some action of yours. Denial is good sometimes. And a ‘Sorry’ works bigtime. And the one who is angry, do not confuse your anger with hatredness. Do not exagerrate. Keep the anger limited to the action. All of us can’t behave perfect and please all always. Of course, some personalities are fundamentally worthy of hatredness. But, 90% of them aren’t. So do not carry a baggage. Both got to ‘Live light’.

-Sucheta Gour

Human Race – Self Destructive…

Human race is a self destructive race. Irony is, it carries out destruction with the highest nobility and glorification.

-Sucheta Gour

Perfection is a Journey….

Perfection is not a final destination. Everytime you reach there, the journey begins again.

-Sucheta Gour

Overcoming Frustration…

What should you do when you get frustrated with something or someone. Well,  transfer the content from your head to someone close to you- friend, relative or spouse on a statutory warning note to them that “Forget it after heard”. Go to a nice place, shop something nice, eat your favourite dish, watch a movie.  By then you would have forgotten who/what irritated or frustrated you. Try it. It works. Life has been so simple and contented.

-Sucheta Gour

Religions and the intent of its creation….

The interpretation of the religion is wrongly conceived  for convenience by people. The intent of creation of religion was to give a way of living, build strong ideologies for a disciplined life and get wiser in thought process. The only objective it achieved was dividing people, narrowing down their thought process, developing superiority complex and despising upon others.

-Sucheta Gour

Irony of wise and experienced minds…

We earn all our life, spend a bomb on our child to educate him and aim at getting him into the best of the company for a great career. We take pride in saying our son/daughter is working in MNC/ UK, US etc..,  with a handsome salary and good life. And then we want him/her to feel guilty of not caring for us, not giving us time and not being by our side or not visiting us often. We are reluctant to stay along with him/her in the place he/ she is working because our adapt abilities in new place, new people are poor with growing age.

Why so much conflict on the mind? Why gather sympathy from our peers that our children have ditched us? Do we ever raise our child to live on our earnings and property and to just take care of us. If so, why educate them, why give them a dream. In today’s world where 1/3rd of life goes in travelling, 1/3rd in discharging duties towards  spouse and children and more than 1/2 of the life in job and career which was/is a joint dream of us and our children, should we complain about petty things and hold our children back from progressing?

We learnt to operate mobile, Whats app, Facebook, Instagram with a flick of the eyelid. But we are reluctant to use big basket, swiggy, Ola, Mediassist for our essentials. We want our child to help us with all of it. Why such selective ignorance? Just to seek attention from our child and reassurance that they love us? 

Life has got difficult for our children compared to what it used to be for us. In spite of technology, better communication modes, better facilities, we have made life worse for them by putting the biggest hurdles called ‘ COMPETITION’, ‘ ‘PEER PRESSURE’ on their mind. We have set the racing track while we sit at the bay and complain about our petty needs and wishes which we never prioritized when the race began. Now when they are in different laps of the race of life, we wish to say co-exist in two places in the most justifiable way. In the race following the dynamics of the race and paralleled along with us on a lazy note hearing and addressing our petty issues, our needs, greed, our false notions , glorified assumed intentions about relatives and friends.

-Sucheta Gour

Why the Bias?

Anyday, when there is an accident, car driver is wrong not the biker.
Any day in a tussle between the Management and Employee, Management is wrong not the employee
When parents are old, and in a conflict of thought process between both sides,  the son/daughter are wrong not the parents.
Mostly, men are wrong, whenever there is fight between a woman and a man.

Why this bias?

We never even try to look from the other angle, the decision is spontaneous and automatic.
From ages, we have labelled certain category as wrong and the perception is fixed. Time to have a broader view and an unbiased approach.

-Sucheta Gour