“Do whatever you can handle without regrets”

People ask me whether to chase the passion or be a dispassionate common man with average zeal. My advice is “Do whatever you can handle without regrets”. Chasing your passion comes with lot of unseen sacrifices and endless efforts. You aren’t chasing your passion for others, so,  do not expect acceptance from others when you achieve your goals. That is the only way to enjoy your journey and destination if you are persistent on achieving your goals.

-Sucheta Gour

Why she isn’t loved? Is it beneficiary to be strong or is it better to be timid and dependent?

Strong women face depression not because they aren’t wanted by anyone. They are very important and effective in all lives associated with them. They can make a difference to even 1000 lives they associate with.
But they feel lonely because, they are not wanted by anyone to be loved or cared. But only to love and care for others.

Why she isn’t loved?

Many people assume she doesn’t need to be loved because she already have many who love and care for her.
Or few assume that she is so strong and practical, that she doesn’t value emotions at all.

Is it beneficiary to be strong or is it better to be timid and dependent?

I would still say strong, because a life with favours ,sympathy from others in the name of love which people will one day drown you in the debt of gratitude and drive you weaker emotionally is not worth it. And no one can shield  you and prioritise you forever.

There is a statement, ‘Fake it before you make it’. And if a life faking strength makes you so powerful from within, then why not? Eventually you get used to live a life full of contentment that you are self made and you do not need support. Expectations make you sad. A shoulder always makes you weaker. A giver is always contended.
What best can happen to you than to be in a place not to receive from people but from God Himself. Invaluable Blessings for all the good you’ve done and stood by all.

– Sucheta Gour

Men….the first thing coming to the mind is, they are bad.

Men….the first thing coming to the mind is, they are bad. We find a dad , a son or a brother to be always great people. And rest of the world of men to be bad. Why is our perception highly influenced by the standard statements than the reality we see.There is so much glorification on Women’s day. And many men dont even know that their exists a Men’s day. All because, men do not glorify the way women do.They run out of words either to express or glorify. So…. let us join to wish all the men whom we see as father, brother, son, husband, friend

“A Happy Men’s Day to all of you!!! “

-Sucheta Gour

Individuals are valued based on their personalities. Personality traits cannot be labelled with any particular gender alone.

I’m one among the most strongest women, but I’m not competing or claim equality with men.

I’ve come across men with immense patience and caring behavior. They aren’t carrying any superiority complex or aren’t competing with women.

Every area has the creamy layer of people and the rest are vanilla crowd. So individuals are valued based on their personalities. Personality traits cannot be labelled with any particular gender alone.

-Sucheta Gour

Women dont exist as human beings in the first place with emotions and individual thoughts or ideologies. Their cant be a differentiation between a machine and them.

• No one gets to live a perfect life, a perfect relation.
• Desire is the cause of misery.
• Be happy with your lives.
• Expectations ruin relations.

80% of Indian women have taken these statements so seriously that they eventually have landed up in a compromise of highest level with their lives.
They’ve sacrificed themselves in the name of integrity, responsibility, family dignity, commitment and society.
Their confidence levels are so low that, their expectations have reduced to food, shelter, clothing and a man’s protection in the society.
They dont know how normal relations and a happy life would be. Their identities are either as a wife, mother or daughter. They dont exist as human beings in the first place with emotions and individual thoughts or ideologies. Their cant be a differentiation between a machine and them.

If they object or try to correct or keep expectations, they are treated like anti-social elements of the society or revolutionists.
Wishing their own happiness, thinking of having their wish list also is beyond their imaginations.
Whereas on the other hand, Men can have expectations from their wives throughout their lives. Women have to be instrumental in every way to satisfy his wish list either directly or indirectly. And inspite of her contribution in the man’s success, she is not credited with even due respect for her existence on the earth. This is where we stand as a society.
India is an agricultural and labour force – focus country. And this is how, women are placed in both these areas.

-Sucheta Gour

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

The rich are complaining that they’ll earn less. The poor are complaining that they have to take loans to feed their families and stay alive.

Covid infected are worried with the fear of death, uninfected are worried fearing that they might be infected.

People with salaries are worried that they have to compromise on their lifestyle or start spending their savings due to paycuts. Whereas people who have lost their jobs are worried that their financial committments will suffer.

The Govt is worried that the economy will be affected.

The women are worried that their isn’t any support of domestic help.

Men are worried that their freedom is compromised.

So eventually the complete picture shows everyone in worries, pain and cribbing about the scenario.

If there is less, there are worries, if there is least also there are worries, if there is nothing, also, there are worries.
So shouldn’t we think deeply? Why are we worried? Because we always want a picture perfect life. When was life so? When will we develop acceptance and learn to be happy looking at the worse scenarios.

-Sucheta Gour

Should it be called ‘HOPE’ or GAMBLING with someone’s life because you have raised an unworthy human being?

I pity these women who get
An addict for husband (alcoholic, smoking, tobacco, drugs etc…,)
A lazy person or
A timid person with zero confidence
The family gets him married with the so-called their version of ‘HOPE’ that he will improve after marriage.
And the bride is completely unaware of these hard facts.

She agrees for marriage with her version of HOPE that she is getting a life partner who will love her, respect her, care for her and understands his responsibilities well towards her, their family and the future. She comes together to find shelter under him in the society to love, respect, care- for him and his family and be reciprocated for all of it.
To her dismay and distress, she discovers the adverse situation hidden and finally comes to terms with it. This is where her version of HOPE disappears and merges with the HOPE of her husband’s family. Suddenly she starts believing that she is the reincarnation of Satyavan’s Savitri who fought Lord Yama for her husband’s life.
She takes his cruelness, frustrations, disrespect, harsh words, comments, ill-treatment more like a servant than a wife.
And eventually forgets her identity, her wishes, the definition of happiness, love, marriage, care, partner and lives a mechanical life with minimal feelings for anything.
A life ruined for someone’s ‘HOPE’.
Should it be called ‘HOPE’ or GAMBLING with someone’s life because you have raised an unworthy human being?

-Sucheta Gour

National Women’s Day | Happy Women’s day to me!!! |

Hey Women! We have portrayed weak and despised upon ourselves all our lives. We envied each other, tortured each other, sympathized each other, pulled down each other, and bad mouthed each other. We motivated the society to be influenced by us and continue the legacy of the history way forward to future. We highlighted our weakness, our helplessness and our emotional mood swings.

80% of the Women don’t even know the meaning of women’s day or there exists a day like this or what difference does it make. And it actually doesn’t make a difference. It’s like Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. It starts with a wish and further more a gift and a party.

For a change, this Women’s day let us not claim that we are strong or we are capable of handling all the relations and duties well. Because we don’t need a certificate for what we are. God has blessed us with many skills and inbuilt strengths.

This Women’s day take an opportunity to thank him and wish the world “Happy Women’s Day” for having been blessed with us. Donate to a cause of a Woman or Girl child. Men play similar roles of Father, Son, Brother, and Father like how we play Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Daughter, but we do with more enthusiasm, colorfulness and with a smile.

So Hey Women, set yourselves on your wings to reach out to the sky. GIGGLE, LAUGH, LOOK GOOD, GO CRAZY, FREAK OUT, DANCE, SING, HAVE FUN.

You don’t need anyone to compliment you, motivate you and laugh with you. You deserve the best and all of it.

Happy Women’s day dear Woman!! Celebrating ourselves every moment!!

-Sucheta Gour

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Women – Idiotic and Funny? | Women quotes | Relationship Quotes

Women are idiotic and funny -A god gifted-personality trait of a Woman. This entertains the other gender and everyone around. Life would have been colorless without these colors for Men.

Imagine a Woman being composed always, portraying strong, super confident and overtly wise always. Wouldn’t she sound boring?

Again men have different opinions about this trait of Women for different relations in different phase.

For Men,

If for a Daughter, this trait is always appreciated.

If Friend or Girlfriend, then this trait is accepted and fancied for certain duration, preferably initial phase of interaction.

If it’s Wife, then men are highly irritated with this trait.

If it’s Mother, then they find it strange at times, at times sweet, at times annoying before their Friends.

If it’s Sister, then irritating at times and at times cute.

But remember, a Woman is like a prism who exhibits all the colors of a rainbow even if a pale white color light passes through her. Motivate her for carrying all these faces. One of confidence, of fear, of foolish courage, of idiotism, of fun, of patience, of strength, of wisdom and many more.

She is a combination of extreme traits coming together, and exhibiting many at the same time or different times. Definitely with all the responsible roles to play to perfection- she deserves to keep her brains aside at times to relax, which she often does when she looks and behaves funny and idiotic.

But Hey Man! Don’t get judgmental about her on this trait. She is just sharpening all her traits, and fueling herself when she does so.

-Sucheta Gour


Daughter VS Daughter in Law | Family quotes | Best womens blog

When it is Daughters, we want to be supporting their careers, baby sitting her children and helping with house hold chores too.

When it is Daughter in laws, we do not even motivate them to carry on with a decent job.


When Daughters, we advise them to pursue to take only 3 months maternity leave to avoid a long gap in the career.

When Daughter in laws, we expect them to take a sabbatical for years till the child starts going to school or at times even post that.

When it is Daughter, we want them to spend lakhs on their shopping and looking beautiful. We are proud of their spending.

When it is Daughter in laws, we want them to be natural and find any basic efforts of grooming to be over fashionable.


When it is Daughters, we get an executive check-up done even for a simple head ache.

When it is Daughter in laws, even a severe illness needn’t be given importance and spent upon or the other extreme way is if she falls ill we says what a weak girl my Daughter in law is.

When a Daughter has Male Colleagues whom she works with shoulder to shoulder or late hours, we are proud.

When a Daughter in law even works in an office filled with Male she is characterless


When a Daughter carries herself well she has a style, a good dressing sense and mannerism too.

When a Daughter in law carries herself well, she is being fashionable attracting other Men.


A Daughter is taught how to hook up and control her husband and in laws.

In case of Daughter in law, the son is expected to control Daughter in laws.

Definitely one partner should compromise, sacrifice and maintain a low profile when it comes to a successful Family. But should it always be the same partner all the while or should it be divided.


Wow! What a society we Women have created for ourselves? Hats off to our double standards which we have nourished and empowered for generations.

-Sucheta Gour