“No one told us it was difficult.”
We studied seven subjects for 10 yrs in school with different logic. We read volumes of comics. We attended tuition, went to school, and did our homework. We played, and we participated in co-curricular activities. Ate healthily. Slept enough. And still, we had time for recreation, like watching TV and playing mischief. All in 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year. Why? How?
Were we superhumans? NO.
Because, NO ONE TOLD US IT WAS DIFFICULT. It was a common thing we all of our age and a few years up/down were supposed to do—the traditional way of living. There were no glorifications for doing all of this. Instead, our parents still showed us the shortfall in us after doing 90 – 99% of it successfully. And today, we expect an achievement award for every small thing we do. Unnecessary glorifications have created limitations for people in exploring their potential. We give words like stress to reach the office, to cook, to study, to work, to raise our children, even to breathe – practically everything. What do we want to do with ourselves?
Sit. Eat. Sleep and Die one day. I bet we will complicate and complain about that too—time to stop complaints about everything

  • Sucheta Gour