Ready-to-eat, Ready data on a click, Ready information at a click on google, Ready answers on Chatgpt,  instant food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, instant results – all kill people’s inbuilt skill – PATIENCE. Impatience is at the highest level on literally anything and everything. But one strange thing is impatience is for expectations from others, where someone else owns the deliverables towards you, where you are at the receiving end. And not where you are at the giving end and are required to deliver to others’ expectations. The day we standardise the expectations for both sides, I think half of our complaints towards others will reduce, or our expectations from others will normalise. And hope that happens soon.

  • Sucheta Gour

Winning arguments is cheap. Winning hearts is royal.

Winning arguments is cheap.
Winning hearts is royal.

Teach your child to win hearts.
Today’s generation is more keen on proving their point, be it right or wrong.
And they can argue to any extent crossing the line of dignity in doing so.
Adolescence sets up a platform to justify such behaviour too. But if it doesn’t get curbed in time, this awkward behaviour continues to remain with the child creating a sense of over confidence,  superiority complex or inferiority complex hidden with arrogance.

Eventually when he is an adult ,the child reaches a stage where he feels he can get away with any argument just by overpowering the other and not developing wisdom by being a good listener. This leads to limitation of knowledge and unacceptance by others.

-Sucheta Gour

How is it beneficiary for you? How much time and thought are you investing in it? What if you invest the same time thinking for your good?

People are not really jobless to interfere in others’ affairs but they feel other’s life more interesting and better than their own. And further levels are to envy and cause damage to others lives.

Its a natural feeling to either envy or feel happy for others. Which one will you nourish is the point of debate and why? So further, it depends on the person you want to nourish these feelings for- Friend, Enemy or just a known person.
Should you envy a friend, an enemy or just a casual acquaintance? How is it beneficiary for you? How much time and thought are you investing in it? What if you invest the same time thinking for your good? Or finding ways to better your life, career or family?
Moreover why feel wish for others sorrows or feel negative about others happiness?
No one on the earth has been blessed with only happiness including us. Its only that few of them have developed a higher threshold to sustain pain and still portray happiness. So when happiness crosses anyone’s lives, its our ethical responsibility to feel happy for them.

Overthinking also is a reason for feeling envious. Assumptions about others behaviours, feeling of tit for tat etc., superiority complex – all can add up to a offensive thought about others.

Above all, according to Science any negative thought crossing our mind or being nourished by our mind upsets the hormonal balance, depletes our brain chemicals required for happiness , damages immune system and shortens our telomeres, the endcaps of our DNA strands which causes us to age more quickly- all just because you aren’t happy with other’s happiness?
Not worth it.

-Sucheta Gour