Most awkward moments with etiquettes!!!

The most awkward moments are hearing a
‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’. And, they are used to be showing etiquettes.
How I wish, I don’t hear them.
Its very awkward to see the guilt in the person’s face when they are wrong.
And its further awkward to feel superior when someone is grateful.

-Sucheta Gour

Saints aren’t Ambitious !!!

Employees want a saint in their Employer. But saints aren’t ambitious.
If an employee expects a Saint, then they should not expect growth either.
Against rationality….

-Sucheta Gour

Lost in detailing ?

Eye for detailing also needs a brain for ignoring….

Else unnecessary detailing in unnecessary areas might exhaust the bandwidth and delay the results.

-Sucheta Gour

Be The Queen!!!

Never be the bee who is sacrificed in the forefront.

Be the Queen who is planning her next move.

-Sucheta Gour

What drives you – Courage or Cowardice?

Some people show so much efforts in completing anything only to make the assignment seem tough. So is the assignment tough or the person less skilled. 90% of the times, its due to less skill, ignorance, overconfidence or under confidence about self. When we do not know to do something the best way, its general tendency to feel that the assignment is tough. How to deal is matter of self introspection. The only thing that needs correction is our self is a courageous statement. And everything needs correction is a statement for escapism and cowardice.

-Sucheta Gour

And the answer is “I LIVED”

What would be your answer to this question on your deathbed?
What did you do all your life?

We have many complicated answers towards which we have already worked enough till now.
I struggled to live a decent life.
I struggled with relations.
I overly labored out myself.
I stressed myself with anything and everything,
I fell short of time to live.
I was overworked with the responsibilities of life.
I complained about God and everyone around me.
I found everything in life too difficult to achieve or too easy and insignificant.

The answer can be straightforward if we start working towards it now?
And the answer is “I LIVED”

-Sucheta Gour

“Do whatever you can handle without regrets”

People ask me whether to chase the passion or be a dispassionate common man with average zeal. My advice is “Do whatever you can handle without regrets”. Chasing your passion comes with lot of unseen sacrifices and endless efforts. You aren’t chasing your passion for others, so,  do not expect acceptance from others when you achieve your goals. That is the only way to enjoy your journey and destination if you are persistent on achieving your goals.

-Sucheta Gour

National Women’s Day | Happy Women’s day to me!!! |

Hey Women! We have portrayed weak and despised upon ourselves all our lives. We envied each other, tortured each other, sympathized each other, pulled down each other, and bad mouthed each other. We motivated the society to be influenced by us and continue the legacy of the history way forward to future. We highlighted our weakness, our helplessness and our emotional mood swings.

80% of the Women don’t even know the meaning of women’s day or there exists a day like this or what difference does it make. And it actually doesn’t make a difference. It’s like Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. It starts with a wish and further more a gift and a party.

For a change, this Women’s day let us not claim that we are strong or we are capable of handling all the relations and duties well. Because we don’t need a certificate for what we are. God has blessed us with many skills and inbuilt strengths.

This Women’s day take an opportunity to thank him and wish the world “Happy Women’s Day” for having been blessed with us. Donate to a cause of a Woman or Girl child. Men play similar roles of Father, Son, Brother, and Father like how we play Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Daughter, but we do with more enthusiasm, colorfulness and with a smile.

So Hey Women, set yourselves on your wings to reach out to the sky. GIGGLE, LAUGH, LOOK GOOD, GO CRAZY, FREAK OUT, DANCE, SING, HAVE FUN.

You don’t need anyone to compliment you, motivate you and laugh with you. You deserve the best and all of it.

Happy Women’s day dear Woman!! Celebrating ourselves every moment!!

-Sucheta Gour

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Parenting Scenarios | Article about parenting | Daily motivational Blogs

Extreme love /possessiveness for the Child and Parenting skills are two different things. Every Parent loves their Child. There are hardly any Parents who do not love their Children. Few of them love them to an extent of doing anything for them whether it is right or wrong. Not always it is initiated with Child’s demands or needs.

Again at times it is because they want to portray an ideal Parent to the society and their Child. And hence chose wrong ways of Parenting.

Cases wherein Parents stand by their Child and believe in their Child to an extent that he can never be wrong.

Parents feel if not us who will stand by our Child and trust him?

Definitely true, but a clear indication has to be sent to the Child that just because you are my Child I wouldn’t always believe that you are right. I will stand by you if you are right and disown you if wrong. Since many Parents fail to do this the Children take wrong path and feel confident that their Parents will stand by them may what right or wrong.

There are enough cases of teenagers rash driving, wrong ways of fun, habits, drink and drive, rape cases or cheating on others. All these because they know the emotional weakness Parents carry.

In adolescence there are instances of Children trying to have two faces one with Friends and the other with Parents. Since it’s a growing phase there will be flaws in it. We got to know what to probe and know and what to ignore inspite of knowing. What to blow out of proportion and what to leave unnoticed. Trying to be cautious and to make our Child have a perfect opinion among relatives and friends should not leave the Child stressed and dual faced.

At times there is dependency developed. Parents underestimate or over secure the Child to an extent of doing everything and get him addicted to them that the Child further doesn’t feel confident without the Parent. In an attempt to be there for him always they turn out to be the host for a parasite.

Parents not realizing that the Child is growing and unwilling to give him his space. Definitely we got to know what he is doing, who are his friends, where is his thought process advancing. But over reacting on everything and trying to control all of the above to be a perfect picture will leave the Child stressed, distanced from the Parents. We say we don’t want him to think anything wrong. Let us understand what is wrong. He has a crush on someone. It’s a natural process of growing not to blow it out of proportion.

At times crossing the limitations to accommodate his demands. We feel we were deprived of many a things so we need to give our Children everything. We need not sympathize ourselves unnecessarily and try to compensate that by spoiling our Child.

There is a difference. Giving everything they require or deserve or we can afford or we want to prioritize just because he is our Child? These understandings should be well developed by us as Parents.

-Sucheta Gour