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Taking advises, opinions, guidance positively is a long forgotten story.

If our parents dictate terms to us they are the worst parents anyone could have. Or they are ignorant towards trends and rigid.

If our siblings advise us, they do not want us to enjoy, they are jealous of us.

If our friends are trying to give their observations on us, they are judgmental and envious about us.

If our neighbors give their guidance to our children, they are trying to misguide, impress and influence our children.

If our in-laws try to share their experiences with their grandchildren, as a parent we feel they are trying to take away our children from us.

If our relatives try to guide us, we feel they have superiority complex.

If our bosses want to impose deadlines and targets on us they are villains and wishing company’s good aloe and not our betterment.

Are all the above true that no one on the earth wishes good.

No advice guidance or good will is taken in the right sense.

Why not learn to be receptive or neutral and stable?

-Sucheta Gour

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