Youth isn’t age. Youth is a phase of life.

Youth isnt age. Youth is a phase of life.

A phase where you never get tired. Your positivity and confidence is on the highest level.
And you tend to forget to give up in that phase.
After certain age, when you groom yourself, people feel you want to look young and hide your age.
Truth for me is at any age, you need to look good, confident, energetic, pleasant, presentable and lively. And all these characteristics are of any human being who cant be defeated by life’s challenges or negative people around.
So when you colour your hair, or wear a trendy dress, exercise to grow thin and fit, remember…you are not defeating age, you are defeating negativity and spreading liveliness around yourself.
The body language of a person who is tired after a long journey and the body language of a person who has just begun his journey varies. Its important to maintain the energy levels of the beginning till you end.
There is no glorification for gathering sympathy for what you aren’t able to be because of your shortcomings.
And there is no fun in gathering appreciation for what you ought to be by rule.
So don’t hide age, but mask all the phases of your life with the phase called youth.

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