Everyone has their own truth.They are all 1000% true.

Everyone has their own truth.They are all 1000% true. Few are driven by self importance or self benefit and few are driven by benefit to others. Few are situational, few are forever. Few are created, few exist. There are hundreds of truths to any situation. And every truth is necessary to analyse people and situations rightly.
How do you take a righteous decision in such a scenario.It should be based on one person’s truth? Should it be influenced by your relation with him? Should you consider your benefit? The only way of making right decisions is Making self, aware of all the truths,
Not being biased by one truth
Be blind towards your relations with people
Relate all the truths to all visible, documentational actions, outcome and then arrive at a decision.
Any truth shouldn’t be held against any person. Else everyone in the world is a bad person according to the standard yardstick of measuring truth. It should be used to manage the situation rightly with justice to the actual scenario and not the truth alone.
There are exceptions too, where people have their truths driven only by selfish motives in every scenario. The harm they cause to themself by being so is their personality and respect in the society and with their dear ones gets compromised because of such repetitive truths. Their truth always sound like the greatest lies.

-Sucheta Gour

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