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Some silences or lame excuses are mandatory. 90% of the people interviewed feel, they need to be reverted back promptly with the definite reason and feedback. Infact most of these people are fresher’s or junior and mid-level whose expectations are such.


Let us see the other side of the story. If you see the hierarchy pyramid, maximum volume of employees are at junior level and if we randomly calculate with the case study of a company with 1000, even if 40% of them gives one interview in a year, there are 400 people who attend interview in a year. And ratio of candidates approaching/ interviewed to selection to joinee should be 80 out of 400 because general attrition is 8%.


In such a practical scenario, the candidates attending interviews and getting rejected only from one company would be 320 in number. Now a similar ratio for a city with not less than 500000 people (smallest number – only for consideration) attending interviews would be 4000 people getting selected.

In such a scenario can all of them be given a justification for delay rejection information?

Additionally, what if the same candidate is suitable for a future position or another position?


What if the hiring Managers get busy with the deliverable’s to the client which is a priority for any business?

What if the project for which the recruitment is happening is delayed or goes on a hold or any other project closure initiated an internal movement making the decision to hire uncertain?

Under these scenarios what should be the reply to the candidate?

Can the business scenario be explained in detail to all the candidates?

Will they be satisfied and convinced with the answers?

If the rejection is made clear, do they have the intrinsic motivation to be enthusiastic about the next interview?

Doesn’t rejection make any negative impact on mind?

Considering all the above certain silence and lame excuses are so mandatory. And this is just one instance. We come across so many situations in life.

-Sucheta Gour

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